Screwless Small Multimedia Combination Plate with FASTCHARGE - Anthracite 230V IP20

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Essential for any major upgrade, renovation or new build. The Screwless Smalll Multimedia Combination Plate allows for a power and bespoke signal distribution solution to be combined in one area as well as built in Fastcharge USB. Compatible with our extensive range of modular inserts this plate can be configured to suit your requirements, be it Satellite TV, DAB, Telecoms, Networking. Features - 230V 13A - Double pole switches provide additional safety - Over Voltage Category III – suitable for commercial installations - 1 x 2G Double Socket with Twin Earth - Space for up to 4 x Euro module inserts (25 x 50mm) - High quality components to ensure longevity of installation - ErP Ready (0.1W in stand-by mode) - Dimensions: (H) XXXmm x (W) XXXmm x (P) Xmm USB Charging - FASTCHARGE USB-C port compatible with QC2.0/QC3.0 and USB-PD - FASTCHARGE USB-A port compatible with QC2.0/QC3.0 - Capable of delivery 0-50% charge in under 30 mins with compatible phones - 80% faster than a standard 5V DC 2A charger - Compatible with Android based devices supporting QC2.0/QC3.0 and USB-PD (via USB-C port only) - Compatible with Apple devices supporting USB-PD (iPhone 8 and above, require certified Lightning to USB-C charge/sync cable) Specification FASTCHARGE is achieved by switching voltage 5V-12V USB-C port - 5V DC 3A (15W) with standard devices - 9V DC 2A (18W) with QC and USB-PD compatible devices - 12V DC 1.5A (18W) with QC and USB-PD compatible devices USB-A port - 5V DC 2A (10W) with standard devices - 9V DC 2A (18W) with QC compatible devices - 12V DC 1.5A (18W) with QC compatible devices NB: Only one port can activate FASTCHARGE at any one-time, alternative port will revert to 5V DC 1A WE RECOMMEND ONLY USING CERTIFIED USB CABLES FOR SAFETY, OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE AND TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY IMPORTANT: THE DEVICE CONTROLS THE POWER BEING DRAWN, NOT THE SOCKET MOST COMPATIBLE DEVICES WILL ONLY ACTIVATE FASTCHARGE BETWEEN 0-70% BATTERY POWER AFTER THIS IT WILL REVERT TO STANDARD CHARGING PARAMETERS TO PROTECT BATTERY
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