Flush Wall Lights

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Whether your look is modern with clean lines, traditional, industrial or something in between, you are sure to find the perfect flush wall light at www.netlighting.co.uk. Our selection offers buyers a wide variety of styles, finish, sizes and shapes in the flush wall light category. 

Update the look of the exterior of your home with black, white, stainless steel, copper, glass or many other finishes. Our offerings of outdoor flush wall lights also include nautically inspired designs, minimalist fixtures, frosted glass, and so many other options. 

It is important to have an idea in mind of the placement and use of your outdoor lights when making a selection. Will you be using your flush wall lights to flank a front door or garage? Or will you be using a single fixture by a side door or back entrance for safety? In any case, the selection at Netlighting is large enough to give you several wonderful options for your project. 

Our outdoor flush mount fixtures are great for smaller spaces thanks to their design, and they offer a low profile if a dramatic look is not what you are seeking. 

Choose just the right amount of illumination as well. We offer fixtures with a single lamp as well as up to 9 lamps to offer brilliant light. Not only will the exterior of your home enjoy an instant refresh with new fixtures, you will also be adding another level of security by lighting up dark areas, entrances and pathways. 

In most outdoor living spaces, the presence of a flush wall mount is just one piece of your overall outdoor lighting decor. Look to add other types of outdoor-friendly light fixtures to fully round out your exterior. Flush mount outdoor lighting is a great way to light up your property to make it more secure, especially near doorsteps and entryways, and pathway lights are an excellent way to create a warm welcome. 

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