Glass & Crystal Wall Lights

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Lighting is an important feature of your home and it is a major decorating decision. It's easy to get overwhelmed but by using the tips here at for selecting glass and crystal wall lights you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your project. 

Lighting serves a specific purpose so you want to make sure that you have the right amount of light and it also plays an important part in your room's design. So what you choose can help influence the design and style of a space as well as enhance your current furnishings and decor. 

Sifting through a vast array of glass and crystal wall fixtures can be daunting but you are able to filter your search to colour, height, number and lights and other factors to find the perfect fixture. 

Whether you are ready to replace existing fixtures or add fixtures to a new space you are sure to find plenty of wonderful options at Netlighting. 

One of the biggest questions around choosing lighting is what type of style to select and do all the fixtures in your space have to match? The general rule of thumb is that lighting should play up the other elements in a room. A room can have different finishes but there should be a dominant finish. For example, it is acceptable to use matte black and brass metal accents on cabinet hardware or faucets but one should be dominant to create a flow. This can help you select the right finish for your light fixtures whether you choose brass, white, polished chrome, satin nickel or another beautiful finish. Select from a wide range of glittering crystal and glass fixtures at to bring your vision to life. 

Your lighting choices should complement each other but they don't have to match perfectly. Find a common element among your fixtures and play that up. 

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to update a space. It is also a fun way to add drama or make a statement. Sometimes a plain or basic room needs a lift with a sparkling glass or crystal wall light. Plus, light fixtures have the added bonus of being fairly easy to install and appreciate right away unlike painting a room or tiling a floor that can be days before you begin to enjoy their effect on your decor. 

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