Plaster Wall Lights

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Cool and sophisticated, plaster wall lights are wonderfully neutral and versatile for use in most interiors. Perfect for uplighting or downlighting the selection of elegant plaster wall lights at take up very little wall space while lending interest and ambience to any area of your home. 

Select from various sizes as well as almost any shape imaginable to lend excitement and drama to a bare wall. Perfect for a hallway, powder room, entryway or living area plaster wall lights are the little black dresses of lighting, you can "wear" them almost anywhere. They are easy to incorporate into any design scheme thanks to their cool white hue and play well with almost every other colour and pattern. 

Perfect for lighting up the area around a mirror, over a console table or buffet, plaster wall lights are an easy choice to make to light up a dim area. 

Depending on the look you are going for you will find plaster lights that cast uplight, downlight and do both uplighting and downlighting. You can choose from classic geometric shapes or go for something more artistic such as a twisted style. Of course, there are classic designs as well ribbed versions, Greek-inspired designs and many more. There are even plaster wall lights that are paintable so that you can paint them the same hue as a wall for a contemporary tone on tone look or make them pop with an entirely different colour than the wall. 

Slim and designed to take up a small amount of space, plaster wall lights are perfect for lending light while keeping a low profile. Their minimal style though does not detract from their ability to add beautiful light and create a wonderful ambience. They are the perfect fixture to layer lighting in any room to give you just the look you have envisioned. 

Choose from ceramic, glass, grey and white designs at as well as various sizes. You can even filter your search for plaster wall lights by the number of lights and IP rating to find the perfect match for your decor. 

Whether you desire a curved plaster wall light or a fixture with hard angles or something in between, you are sure to find the ideal light.  

Running the gamut from function to flair, plaster wall lights come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes

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