Motion PIR Sensor Lights

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Save money, cut down on light pollution and increase safety around the exterior of your home with outdoor motion sensor lights. Whether you want to illuminate the area around a driveway, swimming pool, or garden, a motion sensor light is a great choice for a space that does not require continuous illumination. 

Motion sensor lights are only triggered when there is movement nearby so you can rest easily indoors knowing your exterior is lit up for beauty as well as safety. 

The most obvious spots for motion lights are near garages and doorways but they can also be used at potentially dangerous spots such as walkways and stairs. 

We have a wide variety of options for outdoor motion sensor lights at Netlighting. There are LED models, PIR options, as well as solar lights. Take your time to look over all the offerings before deciding on the correct motion sensor light for your outdoor lighting project. 

You will want to consider the design, brightness, light range, and reactiveness of your motion sensor light. 

Fortunately, at there is a wide array of choices in all these categories to make the selection process easy. 

You will find motion sensor fixtures in a variety of styles such as modern chrome fixtures, and traditional lantern styles as well as floodlights, sconces, spotlights, and more. 

You will also find the perfect finish for your motion sensor light that coordinates with your exterior decorating. We have finishes ranging from black and brown to gleaming stainless steel as well as silver, nickel, and glass. 

And you are not limited to placement with motion sensor fixtures either. There are styles for wall mounts, ceiling mounts, standing bollards, spotlights, wall lights, downlights. dual-headed spotlights and more to reach every area of your exterior and light it up with safe and beautiful motion sensor lighting. 

Placement is key for an outdoor motion sensor lighting fixture. Plan out where you would like to place your new fixtures. If you want one on the front porch you may want a wall mount, ceiling mount, or lantern style. If you want one in a side yard or garage area, a spotlight may be the best bet to illuminate a wide area while motion sensor bollard lights are ideal for lighting up a walkway or path. 

Never forget to turn the light off or on with motion sensor lights, they activate automatically so you know the exterior of your home is beautiful as well as protected. 

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