Flat Plate Switches and Sockets

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Upgrade a space down to the smallest details with flat plate switches and sockets  Available in a wide variety to harmonise with your interior decor flawlessly, flat plate switches and sockets are an easy way to refresh the look of any room. 

Modern and sleek these switch and socket plates also come in a variety of styles for every need from media outlets to cooker switches and dimmers. There are also mounting plates, rocker covers, blanking plates, grid modules and flex outlet modules for all of your project needs.

Switchplates or wall plates cover your home's sockets and keep wires neatly out of sight. Netlighting has an extensive variety of options for everything from dimmer plate switches as well as 2-way retractive switch modules for all of your lighting design needs. 

Excellent for complementing your decor, flat plate switches and sockets are a subtle and affordable upgrade to any home. 

When you choose to change out your switch and socket covers you are adding decorative flair, safety and functionality to any room of your home. 

 Choose from toggle styles, rocker styles and many more to beautify your space. Flat plate switches and sockets should meet your size and safety needs while fitting your decor style.

Whether you need shaver sockets, indicator modules, toggle switches or a fan isolator key switch module we have what you are looking for at www.netlighting.co.uk. Our mix of flat plate switches and sockets offers essential features and functions to upgrade your home including ports for your phones or ethernet, rocker covers for a cooker hood or washing machine and more.  

If you need flat plate switches and sockets or something else in the category we have the ideal fit for your project. Mounting frames, grid dummy dimmer modules, telephone and network outlets and others abound for you to update and renew your switch and socket plates. 

Outlet and light switch covers may not seem glamorous on their own, but the correct electrical covers can tie any room together. 

Update the look of the walls in your home or office with flat plate switches and sockets. Durable, stylish and modern they are an effortless way to lend flair to any area. Change out old wall plates to give a room a brand new feel and add character to your home decor. Easy to do and easy to appreciate when done new flat plate switches and sockets are a must for any lighting project. 

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