Spherical Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Spherical or orb-shaped light fixtures are a lovely and easy way to light any space in a home. Simple and unassuming, the humble spherical shape is given new life at www.netlighting.co.uk with gorgeous finishes, colours, sizes and forms to appeal to any aesthetic. 

Choose from spherical light fixtures finished in gold, brushed nickel, clear glass, black, pewter and many more to pair wonderfully with existing finishes. 

Interesting to look at spherical light fixtures are an easy choice over a dining table but they look equally fetching in a foyer to light the way for guests or hung in a group to light a cosy corner or work area.

The openwork design of most spherical light fixtures allows for a wide variety of styles and materials to make these fixtures interesting to look at as well as practical. 

You can add warm light to any section of your home with a sophisticated orb-shaped pendant light. 

Spherical pendant lights come in a wide variety of styles from modern and rustic to contemporary and industrial to complete the look perfectly no matter the interior style. 

Create a wonderful focal point with a cluster of spherical pendant lights or space several evenly over a long dining table or kitchen island. They are an effortless and elegant way to lend interest and style to a room. 

Keep in mind your overall lighting needs and plan the placement of your spherical pendant light accordingly. Make sure you measure how far down you want your pendant light to hang as well. Will people be walking under or eating near the fixture? Make sure not to hang it so low that people can't see beneath it or place it where it will not touch anyone's head when walking near it. 

Use magazines, decorating sites and television programmes to guide you in search of the perfect spherical pendant light. The selection at www.netlighting.co.uk is the ideal place to make your final choice once you have decided on the placement, colour and size of your new fixture. Our wide variety of offerings in this category is sure to provide you with plenty of options for your new spherical light fixture 

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