Linear Batten Lights

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Outdoor linear batten lights are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly fixtures that provide uniform lighting for large spaces.

Batten lights produce less heat and are more durable than fluorescent tube lights. They can also offer significant savings on account of voltage and less power consumption. 

More sophisticated than fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen lights LED batten lights are the future of lighting thanks to their durability and performance. 

Netlighting offers several styles of outdoor linear batten lights for use just about anywhere. Choose from 1 or 2 lights designs as well as 9 light designs. 

Normally mounted on installation surfaces, an LED batten light means a batten fitting fixture integrated with LED as a light source. 

Typical batten lights are usually 2 main parts, a batten fixture or fitting and a fluorescent tube. LED batten lights, however, are integrated LED fittings without replaceable tubes. 

There are even more advantages to linear batten lights over other lighting options such as a longer life expectancy, they switch on instantly meaning no delay when they are switched on and they do not flicker when they turn on. You have immediate bright light to see with LED batten lights. 

They are also more energy-efficient. LED batten lights consume less power but still produce the same amount of light as their counterparts. They have various colour options that usually include warm white, neutral/natural white, and cool white, often there are 3-in-1 options as well. 

Some LED linear batten lights are even dimmable making them very versatile for use in many areas. Cool to the touch, LED batten lights are maintenance-free and, perhaps most important of all, they do not contain or emit hazardous materials or substances. 

Highly valued for their energy efficiency LED batten lights offer a uniform, spot-free illumination for a variety of different needs. 

Choose from several options for linear batten lights at We have flush mounts, emergency lights, prismatic lights, and others to choose from. Ideal for an outdoor work area or garage LED linear batten lights offer long life and durability to see clearly in any situation. 

Batten lights are also easy to install since they can be mounted on the ceiling. Thanks to their slim design, outdoor batten lights can be placed in many locations. Light up any outdoor area with a versatile batten light designed to offer long life and reliability to keep your space illuminated and safe. 

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