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Great outdoor lighting begins with a plan and a wide selection of options to bring your vision to life. Good illumination not only creates a beautiful setting for relaxing and entertaining, but it can also increase the safety around your home. Well placed spike lights are a terrific way to achieve both of these goals. You can create a relaxing ambience and make your garden look lovely after dark, as well as creating a safe and secure area around your home. 

Spike lights can be placed in flower beds for uplighting, along pathways and at the front porch to create a welcoming look.

Netlighting has a large variety of spike lights in a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles to lend your home the illumination that you desire. We offer various lamp types as well as directional spike lights to add a warm glow just where you want it. 

Choose from a black finish for a modern look, or go with a bronze, stainless steel, white or other finish to pair perfectly with your outdoor hardware. 

You can showcase your landscaping with spike lights and create a safe space to walk at night. This style of outdoor lighting adds a decorative touch while lending brilliant light to any outdoor space. 

Hardwired, spike lights can be placed around a flower bed or along a walkway or they can be used to uplight an architectural feature of your home or stately tree. There are a variety of ways to use spike lights. Start by checking out decorating sites, magazines and www.netlighting.co.uk  to come up with a plan that suits your home and your style. All-weather construction ensures that these good looking lights will last you through many seasons of safety, beauty and security. 

At www.netlighting.co.uk we want you to have as many options as possible to achieve your ideal outdoor lighting vision, so keep in mind the amount of area you need to illuminate as well as the style and look that you want to achieve.  

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