Cylindrical Table Lamp

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A cylindrical table lamp is an easy addition to any decorating style to lend wonderful, warm light. Perfect for small spaces, a cylindrical lamp casts a 360-degree soft glow to light up a dark corner or lend brilliance for a stunning focal point. 

A cylindrical table lamp from is just right for seeing the tone in any room. Rooms that require soft lighting such as a living area or bedroom will benefit from the use of a cylindrical lamp. Not only do they brighten up a space they also double as room decor thanks to their beautiful design and eye-catching style. 

At Netlighting we have a wide variety of cylindrical table lamps to choose from to find just the right fixture that will pair with your decor beautifully. 

Generally more of a contemporary style, a cylindrical fixture can come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and designs. Ideal for welcoming guests in a front entryway or for use on a console table or buffet for diffuse lighting, a cylindrical lamp is an excellent way to layer the lighting in a room. ''

At you will find many styles and finishes to choose from. Pair the finish on your new lamp with the existing finishes in a space for a polished and pulled-together look. 

Available in a range of styles and finishes you will find cylindrical table lamps that are sleek and spare as well as fixtures that are more traditional. 

Netlighting offers brass, white, black, chrome, opal glass, and many other finishes to coordinate with your style. There are traditional, contemporary, and modern designs as well as everything in between to choose from. 

Set just the right tone in any area of your home or office with a beautiful cylindrical lamp. Use one of those striking fixtures on a desk, table, or shelf to provide lovely light just where you need it. A cylindrical lamp gives a warm glow to everything around it making it a very versatile piece for layering the lighting in any room. Perfect for use with ceiling fixtures and traditional table lamps a cylindrical lamp gives you another option for generating the ambiance you desire. 

Easy to love and easy to use, this type of lighting fixture looks wonderful when used alone or when placed with similar objects such as vases, statues, or sculptures. 

Try a cylindrical table lamp in your space to see how versatile and wonderful these fixtures can be. 

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