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Create the perfect outdoor space with outdoor down lighters. Down lighters are some of the most versatile fixtures types and they are great for lending much-needed light near a garage, garden door or front entrance. The light shines down, as the name implies, sending a warm pool of light downward and outward to guide the way after the sun has set. They are easily adaptable to many situations and are perfect as space savers when space is at a premium. 

At Netlighting we have a wide variety of down lights available for your outdoor project whether you are looking for something traditional, modern or even industrial in style. 

We also offer an extensive selection of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. You can pair your front entrance hardware or existing fixtures with bronze, copper, gold, stainless steel, black and many more finishes for the perfect touch. 

Functional and beautiful, downlights offer a warm welcome to visitors and offer an added layer of protection to your outdoor area. 

It might be overwhelming at first to look at all the choices available to you in this category but if you have a design style in mind and an idea of what you want your outdoor space to look like you can eliminate many options from the start. Hone in on the finish and style you want and then narrow your choices down further by size and shape. You are sure to find the perfect down light for your project amongst our offerings. 

For a traditional exterior space choose down lighters that incorporate classic elements such as brushed brass or antique bronze finishes, while a more modern or contemporary look might call for a stainless steel or glass design. 

At you will find weather-resistant materials in a mixture of finishes to illuminate your outdoor space. 

Other considerations to be mindful of include the lighting needs of the outdoor area as well as the placement. When searching for down lights, keep in mind that walkways and paths may need more light than a front entrance. 

Lamp options are also a consideration. Netlighting has several lamp options amongst our outdoor down lighter collection. Choose from LED, solar LED, G9, G12 and much more to find the perfect shade and tone of light for your outdoor lighting scheme. 

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