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Extend your reading far into the night with elegant and functional reading light. Reading lights are ideal next to a bed or in a cosy reading nook. They lend lovely warm light to a space and depending on the style you chose m some have a separate gooseneck light to place illumination right on your reading material. 

Reading lights lend ambience to the room and make the space look a lot larger. Well-paced reading lights can brighten a dull room and make a plain wall more interesting. 

Choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes at Netlighting. We offer modern and sleek styles to traditional and retro styles as well as everything in between while finishes range from copper and satin nickel to white and gleaming chrome. 

Certain shades of light can add to or detract from your reading experience, so be sure to choose a reading light with the accurate level of light for your needs. A good reading light can make the difference between a sterile, brightly lit environment and a cosy, comfortable one.

Not only are the finishes, shapes and sizes important to take into consideration the type of reading light is also important to take into account. Do you want a light with a gooseneck to aim directly on your book or magazine or do you want your light to swivel? Positioning and using your light is as important as how it looks. Comfort in reading is key so make sure to weigh all the factors before making your selection at 

Positioned near next to a bed or above a comfortable chair, a reading light can be used in many other situations. Keep in mind that task lighting such as reading light is not meant to illuminate the entire room – only a work or reading surface.

When placing and hanging your reading light keep in mind that books and other printed materials should sit between 35 and 45 cm away from your eyes. Books nearer or farther away can tire the eyes. Whether you are right or left-handed can also make a difference. Readers who are right-handed should position the light hitting the text on their left-hand side, and vice versa. This prevents page-turning hands from casting shadows across the reading material.

With so many options to choose from at Netlighting, you are sure to find the perfect fit to create the ideal reading spot anywhere in your home. 

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