Tiffany Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Tiffany style fixtures, known for bright colours and multifaceted shades, are a wonderful way to lend a distinctive look to a living space or dining area. Considered part of the Art Nouveau movement, the original Tiffany lamps were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio. The first Tiffany lamp was exhibited in 1893 and quickly gained in popularity thereafter. 

Typically made from stained glass, Tiffany fixtures have some distinctive features that set them apart from other lighting fixtures. As previously mentioned, they are made with stained glass, usually but not always in bright colours, and they have distinctive patterns such as floral, geometric or curved designs. Sometimes colourful crystals or stones are inset in the shades to add even more interest and brilliance. 

Netlighting has a wide variety of Tiffany style pendant lights to suit every need from ambient lighting to task and accent lighting. 

Honouring the Tiffany tradition, these Tiffany-style fixtures are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and design themes for just the right look in any room of your home. 

A colourful Tiffany-style fixture is equally beautiful over a dining table or lighting a nook for reading. Colourful and striking this type of fixture is a lovely way to introduce colour and visual interest as well as wonderful, warm light. 

Choose from several finishes as well on this vast collection of Tiffany fixtures. This lamp category offers finishes in vintage bronze, dark bronze, chrome, black and more to pair perfectly with your existing finishes. 

Lend a vintage look to your design scheme with a wonderfully designed and coloured Tiffany style fixture from to add upscale elegance to your decor. 

Certain to become favourite showpieces, a Tiffany-style fixture is an easy choice for blending function with style and interest. 

They are a delightful way to bring colour and an artful look into any room. They cast brilliant light in any area as well as a lovely stained glass effect that is sure to catch the eye and lend a unique look to your decor. 


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