Table Lamps

Netlighting’s range of table lamps has been carefully selected to bring you only the highest quality fittings in the industry. Whether you are looking for a lamp for the home or work, we have the perfect fitting for you.


With both modern and traditional designs, our range of table lamps includes something for everyone. We have selected fittings by some of the best interiors designers in the business, allowing you to choose from some of the very latest styles around.


We stock a large range of table lamps specifically for workspaces, which are highly adjustable and provide focused lighting. Many of our task lamps feature switches on the actual fitting, allowing you to control the light from your desk. We also stock clip-on lights, which feature a clasp that enables you to place the light in the most advantageous position for your work.

Energy Saving

Being environmentally conscious is a central part of our ethos here at Netlighting, and to that end we stock a large range of energy saving fittings. With LEDs, fluorescents, and other low-consumption fittings, you can save money on your energy bills whilst protecting the planet. In a world where energy is increasingly at a premium, get ahead of the curve by buying a low energy fitting.

If you have any questions about table lamps or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!

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  • Table Lamps with Shades

    Table Lamps with Shades

  • Desk & Task Lamps

    Desk & Task Lamps

    <p>At <strong>Netlighting</strong>, we strive to provide you with only the highest quality fittings in the industry. To that end, our team of in-house experts have selected a range of <span>desk lamps</span> and <span>task lamps</span> that offers something for every taste. Modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, you can find it here. In the unlikely event that you don’t find precisely what it is you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch – it’s what we are here for after all!</p> <h3>Design</h3> <p>We recognise that when buying a fitting for your home or office you are concerned with more than just its practicality. We have therefore selected fittings by some of the most celebrated designers in the lighting business. Whatever look you are going for, you should find a fitting to suit your needs in our extensive and wide-ranging collection.</p> <h3>Energy Saving</h3> <p>As an environmentally conscious company, we endeavour to provide our customers with as large a selection as possible of low energy lights. Energy saving lighting drives down the cost of utility bills and helps protect the planet, making them essential for any modern home or office. Our range of energy saving <span>desk lamps</span> and <span>task lamps</span> includes several LED fittings. LEDs offer unrivalled low energy consumption and remarkable luminosity. They tend to last several times as long as traditional bulbs, and they are the future of the lighting industry. Get ahead of the curve by installing low energy lights, and beat the hike in utility costs.</p>
  • Tiffany Table Lamps

    Tiffany Table Lamps

  • Touch Dimmable

    Touch Dimmable

    <p><strong>Netlighting’s</strong> range of <span>touch table lamps</span> has been carefully selected by our team of dedicated, in-house experts. As a company we are dedicated to providing you with only the finest fittings in world lighting, and to that end we have chosen products that have been manufactured to the highest quality. You should be able to find a fitting to suit your taste in our collection, but should you struggle please do not hesitate to get in touch – it’s what we are here for after all!</p> <h3>Practicality</h3> <p><span>Touch table lamps</span> are an extremely practical choice for the home or workplace. Table lamps can be used to provide luminosity or just a dull light to create a specific ambience. With the touch dimmable feature you can adjust the brightness of your light to suit your specific preferences.</p> <h3>Design</h3> <p>We understand how important <span>touch table lamps</span> can be to the design of a room – they often add the finishing touch. Therefore, we have chosen fittings from some of lighting’s most celebrated designers. Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary fitting, we have the product for you. We stock a range of bohemian, art deco fittings, as well as more traditional designs. Our collection includes lights in a range of finishes, including antique brass, black chrome and satin silver. A particular highlight of the collection is The Sevilla 538 table lamp, an exclusive fitting with a swan legend design by Italian designer Fabio Fornasier, Murano, Venice. Make your <span>touch table lamp</span> an eye-catching feature in your home today.</p>
  • Integrated LED Lamps

    Integrated LED Lamps

  • Glass & Crystal Lamps

    Glass & Crystal Lamps

  • Bankers Table Lamps

    Bankers Table Lamps

  • Cylindrical Table Lamp

    Cylindrical Table Lamp

  • Globe Table Lamp

    Globe Table Lamp

  • Something Different

    Something Different

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