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Table Lamps


  • Table Lamps with Shades

    Table Lamps with Shades

    <p>A table lamp with a shade sometimes becomes just a part of the furniture in a room. Something that is there but not looked at or appreciated. Change that attitude and lend not only beautiful illumination to a room but add style, flair, and colour as well with a well-chosen table lamp. </p> <p>Perfect as task lighting a table lamp with a shade is an easy way to shine a light on any subject. Table lamps with dark, opaque shades will focus the light down, giving you a direct beam right where you need it. A stylish table lamp right beside a sofa or chair or on a desk is a great location for this type of task lighting. </p> <p>Elegant table lamps with shades also work well as decorative lighting in a room. In particular lamps with translucent shades such as linen or silk cast a general, diffused glow that works beautifully for accent lighting. </p> <p>At you will find table lamps with shades to fit in perfectly with the decor of any room. Whether you need contemporary designs, modern styles, or something in between, we have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes for all of your lighting needs. </p> <p>Our selection runs from sleek polished nickel lamps with rectangular shades to Asian-inspired British bronze table lamps with classic shades as well as a Mid Century Modern style with a linen drum shade and everything in-between. </p> <p>Table lamps are not only lovely to look at and cast beautiful light, but they are also very versatile. Don't just think of a shaded table lamp as a fixture for a side table or bedside table, think of them as decorative accessories for anywhere in your home. </p> <p>A petite table lamp would be charming on a kitchen counter for a warm glow for example. You can use table lamps anywhere there is surface space to place one. Table lamps with shades are sure to become your new best friends as soon as you see how pretty they look in a variety of spaces. </p> <p>Much more flattering, the light from a table lamp tends to be less harsh than overhead lighting and with just a few flicks of a switch, you can have a well-lit room with decorator flair thanks to the addition of a couple of well-placed table lamps with shades. </p> <p>Find the perfect piece from our selection of chrome, coloured, bronze, and more from our wide selection of table lamps as well as modern, traditional, rustic, or vintage-inspired styles. </p> <p></p>
  • Desk & Task Lamps

    Desk & Task Lamps

    <p>At <strong>Netlighting</strong>, we strive to provide you with only the highest quality fittings in the industry. To that end, our team of in-house experts have selected a range of <span>desk lamps</span> and <span>task lamps</span> that offers something for every taste. Modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, you can find it here. In the unlikely event that you don’t find precisely what it is you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch – it’s what we are here for after all!</p> <h3>Design</h3> <p>We recognise that when buying a fitting for your home or office you are concerned with more than just its practicality. We have therefore selected fittings by some of the most celebrated designers in the lighting business. Whatever look you are going for, you should find a fitting to suit your needs in our extensive and wide-ranging collection.</p> <h3>Energy Saving</h3> <p>As an environmentally conscious company, we endeavour to provide our customers with as large a selection as possible of low energy lights. Energy saving lighting drives down the cost of utility bills and helps protect the planet, making them essential for any modern home or office. Our range of energy saving <span>desk lamps</span> and <span>task lamps</span> includes several LED fittings. LEDs offer unrivalled low energy consumption and remarkable luminosity. They tend to last several times as long as traditional bulbs, and they are the future of the lighting industry. Get ahead of the curve by installing low energy lights, and beat the hike in utility costs.</p>
  • Tiffany Table Lamps

    Tiffany Table Lamps

    <p>Wonderfully unique Tiffany Table lamps will lend soft, warm light like no other table lamp can provide. With a decorative stained glass shade to lend colour and dimension, a Tiffany-style table lamp is a wonderful choice for any room of the house. Choose from many options at to fulfil your lighting vision perfectly. </p> <p>At Netlighting we offer Tiffany table lamps in a variety of designs, colours, sizes and styles to pair with any decorating style. You will find Tiffany table lamps with nature motifs, abstract designs, and much more. There are even whimsical designs such as turtles and butterflies in stained glass for a unique touch.</p> <p>Choose from a large selection of lampshade colours at There are shades of blue, red, yellow, brown, pink, green and many other hues to coordinate with your current colour scheme. You can also choose from a variety of finishes for your new lamp. Select brass, bronze, or polished aluminium to coordinate with your existing finishes. </p> <p>There are diminutive Tiffany lamps for countertops or small nooks as well as larger table lamps for side tables, consoles and more as well as everything in between.</p> <p>Table lamps are a wonderfully easy way to layer the lighting look in a space. When paired with overhead lights, wall lights and more you can illuminate a living area, entryway, bedroom or other room to show off its best features and provide ample light to work, read, and relax. </p> <p>Tiffany style table lamps are crafted with hundreds of pieces of colourful glass to form a complex design. Popular motifs are flowers, dragonflies, birds and animals as well as abstract designs. </p> <p>Ideal for a side table, bedside table, desk or countertop a Tiffany lamp is a lovely way to provide a warm pool of light for all of life's activities. </p> <p>Tiffany table lamps are also wonderfully versatile. You will find traditional table lamp styles, as well as Tiffany inspired banker's lamps, desk lamps. accent lamps and others to create a signature style in any room of your home. </p> <p>A Tiffany table lamp is an easy way to lend traditional flair and visual interest to any space. Flank a couch with a Tiffany lamp at either end or welcome guests to your home with a Tiffany table lamp on a console table. These beautiful and iconic fixtures are instantly recognizable to lend beauty, style and lovely illumination to a space. </p> <p></p>
  • Touch Dimmable

    Touch Dimmable

    <p><strong>Netlighting’s</strong> range of <span>touch table lamps</span> has been carefully selected by our team of dedicated, in-house experts. As a company we are dedicated to providing you with only the finest fittings in world lighting, and to that end we have chosen products that have been manufactured to the highest quality. You should be able to find a fitting to suit your taste in our collection, but should you struggle please do not hesitate to get in touch – it’s what we are here for after all!</p> <h3>Practicality</h3> <p><span>Touch table lamps</span> are an extremely practical choice for the home or workplace. Table lamps can be used to provide luminosity or just a dull light to create a specific ambience. With the touch dimmable feature you can adjust the brightness of your light to suit your specific preferences.</p> <h3>Design</h3> <p>We understand how important <span>touch table lamps</span> can be to the design of a room – they often add the finishing touch. Therefore, we have chosen fittings from some of lighting’s most celebrated designers. Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary fitting, we have the product for you. We stock a range of bohemian, art deco fittings, as well as more traditional designs. Our collection includes lights in a range of finishes, including antique brass, black chrome and satin silver. A particular highlight of the collection is The Sevilla 538 table lamp, an exclusive fitting with a swan legend design by Italian designer Fabio Fornasier, Murano, Venice. Make your <span>touch table lamp</span> an eye-catching feature in your home today.</p>
  • Integrated LED Lamps

    Integrated LED Lamps

    <p>Enjoy the versatility and style of a table lamp with the energy-saving efficiency of LED lighting with an integrated LED lamp. Perfect for any room of the home an integrated LED lamp never needs a bulb change because the LEDs in integrated LED fixtures last 15,000-20,000 hours.</p> <p>Shift your thinking from the traditional to the future with a cool integrated LED lamp. Available in a huge variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, an integrated LED table lamp puts the light right where you want it while lending flair to your decor. </p> <p>LEDs have a longer lifetime rating than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and a longer lifetime than screw-in LED bulbs. </p> <p>Integrated LED lamps are a single unit, the lights are built into the fixture allowing for lots of different designs and styles. </p> <p>LED lights are also energy-efficient and better for the environment. </p> <p>The amount of light that integrated LED lamps put out is higher than other types of fixtures, too. </p> <p>At you will find a wide array of styles available to suit every room of your home. Whether you want something sleek and modern or slightly more traditional you are sure to find it here amongst our extensive offerings. </p> <p>We have minimalist desk lamp styles in metallic black or white with an adjustable arm for superior task lighting as well as decorative gold LED integrated lamps ideal for a bedside table or front hall console. </p> <p>There are more traditional table lamp styles along with super modern styles and even integrated LED lamps that resemble works of art to lend beautiful light to any area of your home. </p> <p>Choose from a variety of finishes as well to pair perfectly with your decor. Not only do we offer gold, brass, copper, chrome, and satin nickel you will find finishes in black and white, too.  </p> <p>There are petite LED integrated lamps and larger lamps depending on the area you need to light and the surface space that you have available. Versatile table lamps are a great way to add flair to your decorating style and lend a warm glow. </p> <p>Take into account the existing finishes in a room when choosing your fixture. If there are several finishes in a room pick the most prevalent one and then choose an integrated LED light fixture in the same finish for a polished and coordinated look. </p> <p></p>
  • Glass & Crystal Lamps

    Glass & Crystal Lamps

    <p>Allow a glass or crystal lamp to shine in your space. You may think of a crystal or glass lamp as old-fashioned but you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of updated and modern lamps there are in this category. </p> <p>Beautifully crafted to pair wonderfully with your existing decor, a glass or crystal-adorned lamp is a tasteful choice for a bit of sparkle. </p> <p>Think of this style as jewelry to accessorize an outfit. Just as you would elevate a plain dress or simple outfit you can elevate the decor in a room with an elegant lamp crafted with glass or crystal details. </p> <p>Choose from a wide selection of glass and crystal lamps at where you will find contemporary and modern styles as well as more traditional offerings to suit every taste level. </p> <p>When you are looking for a simple lamp with a chrome finish and crystal sand shades for sparkle or an antique brass lamp dripping with crystals and topped with a shade we have just the right lamp for you. </p> <p>Pair your new lamp with the existing finishes in your room for a polished and pulled-together look. It is an easy way to add a designer touch to any space. Netlighting has wonderful glass and crystal lamps in finishes that range from black and white to chrome, antique brass, gold, satin nickel, and so much more. </p> <p>You will love the style and elegance a glass and crystal lamp can lend to a lounge, living area, entryway, or bedroom. Anywhere there is surface space you can add a beautiful lamp to layer your lighting to lend warmth and create ambiance. </p> <p>Think outside the box with our lovely lighting choices. You can place a small glass or crystal decorated lamp in a powder room or on a kitchen counter as well as the more expected places such as a side table or console. </p> <p>No matter if your style is modern, contemporary, industrial, or traditional you will find styles in the glass and crystal lamp category that suit your decor perfectly. A bit of sparkle from a crystal lamp would be a wonderful juxtaposition in an industrial space while a modern aesthetic may pair nicely with a classic glass lamp to soften the look. </p> <p>Take your time and enjoy the process of choosing your next glass or crystal lamp. It is an easy way to refresh a space and show off your personality. </p> <p></p>
  • Bankers Table Lamps

    Bankers Table Lamps

    <p>A traditional banker's lamp conjures up images of rich oak paneling, thick rugs to muffle sound, and luxurious leather furniture. And on the desk, there is the iconic kelly green-shaded lamp known as a banker's lamp. </p> <p>Synonymous with banks and scholarly environments such as libraries or classrooms, a classic bankers lamp is a brass desk lamp with a rectangular kelly green or emerald green glass shade. </p> <p>The green glass allows the light to shine through and it is easy on the eyes according to purists. Perfect for task lighting at a desk, the first banker's lamp was put to use in 1909. Still recognizable today although the finish or glass colour may have changed, this style of lamp has evolved to provide beautiful light in many more settings than banks and classrooms. </p> <p>At we have a nice selection of banker-style lamps to choose from. </p> <p>There are classic lamps with a brass finish and green glass shade as well as more modern versions that feature chrome finish or frosted glass shade. The shape and design is still similar to the original and recognizable as a banker's lamp but they are updated for today's tastes and decorating styles. </p> <p>Try a new take on a banker's lamp with an all-brass finish version or a contemporary version in an all-matte gray finish. </p> <p>Perfect for use at a desk or on a counter for task lighting, a banker's lamp could also be used at the bedside, on a counter, or as a reading light near a chair or sofa. </p> <p>The light from the glass shade, no matter the colour, is perfectly suited to school work, paying bills, writing letters, or putting together a puzzle. Stylish and always tasteful, a banker's lamp is an excellent lighting choice for almost any aesthetic. </p> <p>The look of a classic banker's lamp is timeless. The sleek design and rounded corners are friendly to any interior style. Historically operated by a pull chain switch, updated bankers lamps now turn off and on with a knob or push button. </p> <p>Instantly popular when they came out, the banker's lamp has survived the test of time to remain a stylish and good-looking choice for lighting at work or at home. Ideal for lending classic style in any environment our selection of bankers lamps is an easy way to lend light and charm to any setting. </p> <p></p>
  • Cylindrical Table Lamp

    Cylindrical Table Lamp

    <p>A cylindrical table lamp is an easy addition to any decorating style to lend wonderful, warm light. Perfect for small spaces, a cylindrical lamp casts a 360-degree soft glow to light up a dark corner or lend brilliance for a stunning focal point. </p> <p>A cylindrical table lamp from is just right for seeing the tone in any room. Rooms that require soft lighting such as a living area or bedroom will benefit from the use of a cylindrical lamp. Not only do they brighten up a space they also double as room decor thanks to their beautiful design and eye-catching style. </p> <p>At Netlighting we have a wide variety of cylindrical table lamps to choose from to find just the right fixture that will pair with your decor beautifully. </p> <p>Generally more of a contemporary style, a cylindrical fixture can come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and designs. Ideal for welcoming guests in a front entryway or for use on a console table or buffet for diffuse lighting, a cylindrical lamp is an excellent way to layer the lighting in a room. ''</p> <p>At you will find many styles and finishes to choose from. Pair the finish on your new lamp with the existing finishes in a space for a polished and pulled-together look. </p> <p>Available in a range of styles and finishes you will find cylindrical table lamps that are sleek and spare as well as fixtures that are more traditional. </p> <p>Netlighting offers brass, white, black, chrome, opal glass, and many other finishes to coordinate with your style. There are traditional, contemporary, and modern designs as well as everything in between to choose from. </p> <p>Set just the right tone in any area of your home or office with a beautiful cylindrical lamp. Use one of those striking fixtures on a desk, table, or shelf to provide lovely light just where you need it. A cylindrical lamp gives a warm glow to everything around it making it a very versatile piece for layering the lighting in any room. Perfect for use with ceiling fixtures and traditional table lamps a cylindrical lamp gives you another option for generating the ambiance you desire. </p> <p>Easy to love and easy to use, this type of lighting fixture looks wonderful when used alone or when placed with similar objects such as vases, statues, or sculptures. </p> <p>Try a cylindrical table lamp in your space to see how versatile and wonderful these fixtures can be. </p> <p></p>
  • Globe Table Lamp

    Globe Table Lamp

    <p>Shop for a myriad of globe table lamps perfect for every decorating style. Loved for their simple orb shape and versatility, globe table lamps are both functional and decorative to create a pleasing ambiance. </p> <p>Globe table lamps can provide both ambient lighting and task lighting depending on your needs. They are also suitable for a wide variety of decorating styles so whether your tastes run to modern and contemporary or more classic and traditional you are sure to find a lamp you love. </p> <p>Their compact size makes a globe table lamp an easy add for a pretty glow. Infuse your space with their functional style!</p> <p>There are many styles of globe table lamps at Netlighting so a few tips will help you choose just the right fixture. </p> <p>Know the size of your space when shopping. Even though globe lamps are generally on the compact side there is a difference in size to be aware of to ensure that your new lamp fits correctly on the dresser, table, or shelf where you envision it. </p> <p>For a modern interior look for fixtures that are finished in gleaming chrome or satin nickel. For a more classic appearance go for an antique brass or copper finish. </p> <p>Globe table lamps are generally thought of as modern fixtures but they are versatile enough to be used in any decorating style. For those styles look at simple designs and frosted glass. </p> <p>Globe table lamps are a wonderful way to layer a lighting look in any space. Pair them with traditional table lamps and ceiling fixtures to illuminate your space beautifully. </p> <p>Draw inspiration from your existing decorating style and pair the finish on your new globe table lamp with the finishes already present in your decor for a pulled-together look. </p> <p>At our availability of globe table lamps are offered in a variety of styles and finishes as well as a variety of sizes. Some are simple orbs seated on a base while others are designed on a wood base or situated more like a traditional lamp. </p> <p>Art meets function on these wonderful fixtures that are as useful and practical as they are gorgeous. </p> <p>Try a globe table lamp on any surface of your home for a beautiful, warm glow. Sure to draw the eye while adding brilliance to any decorating style a globe table lamp is an effortless way to instantly refresh the decor in any room. </p> <p></p>
  • Something Different

    Something Different

    <p>Show off your style beautifully with a table lamp that is a little something different. Perfect for lighting up a traditional space or a modern space, a unique table lamp is an easy way to add flair to any space. </p> <p>Whether you want a small table lamp to lend ambient light or a large table lamp to illuminate an open area you have come to the right place to find something different than the usual. </p> <p>Our selection of unusual table lamps at Netlighting does double duty to provide ample lighting as well as a visual accent for a room. A table lamp allows you to lend portable light wherever you need it, on a desk, side table, bedside table, entry table, or dining buffet. A well-chosen table lamp will also bring decorative appeal through the use of colour, design, shape, or theme. </p> <p>We offer a wide assortment of unique table lamps at so you can find just the right piece. There are a large variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes to choose from to match your existing decor perfectly. Select the most prominent finish in your space to choose the finish on your table lamp. No matter if you need gold, brass, chrome, steel, glass, or shiny nickel we have the ideal table lamp finish for you. </p> <p>For a contemporary space look for table lamps with clean, unfussy lines in geometric shapes. Think glass, concrete, wood, and metallic materials. If your taste leans more towards industrial style then look for vintage gears, steel pipes, or tripod bases. If you like a traditional look then check out table lamps in the shape of decorative vases or bottles as well as gold, bronze, or silver finishes. </p> <p>We also offer a selection of whimsical table lamps in black in white stripes, caged shapes, orb designs, and much more to make a truly unique statement in your space. Novelty themes such as turtles, butterflies, frogs, and more come into play in this category as well. </p> <p>With a unique table lamp, you can infuse your space with so many wonderful details. You can incorporate new materials such as wood, cork, metal, glass, or crystal as well as a wide variety of styles to add flair to any decorating scheme. </p> <p>These versatile lamps can be used for so many things from task lighting and bedside reading to display lamps and buffet lighting. </p> <p>Enjoy our wide selection of different lamps and have fun defining or redefining your style! </p> <p></p>
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Netlighting’s range of table lamps has been carefully selected to bring you only the highest quality fittings in the industry. Whether you are looking for a lamp for the home or work, we have the perfect fitting for you.


With both modern and traditional designs, our range of table lamps includes something for everyone. We have selected fittings by some of the best interiors designers in the business, allowing you to choose from some of the very latest styles around.


We stock a large range of table lamps specifically for workspaces, which are highly adjustable and provide focused lighting. Many of our task lamps feature switches on the actual fitting, allowing you to control the light from your desk. We also stock clip-on lights, which feature a clasp that enables you to place the light in the most advantageous position for your work.

Energy Saving

Being environmentally conscious is a central part of our ethos here at Netlighting, and to that end we stock a large range of energy saving fittings. With LEDs, fluorescents, and other low-consumption fittings, you can save money on your energy bills whilst protecting the planet. In a world where energy is increasingly at a premium, get ahead of the curve by buying a low energy fitting.

If you have any questions about table lamps or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!

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