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Highlight the artwork in your home with beautiful picture lights. No matter whether your artwork is something you have commissioned or something you selected at a home decor store you have made the decision to devote wall space to that painting picture or etching. Don't stop there! Show off your newest acquisition with elegant picture lights. They are a mainstay in art museums, galleries and fine homes to enhance the natural beauty of the artwork. Incorporating this essential item in your home is much easier at www.netlighting.co.uk where you have so many options from which to choose. 

Consider your lighting goals when planning to light your artwork. Do you want your artwork to be the only focus in the room or would you prefer that the artwork blend in and act as part of the overall decorating scheme? If your desire is to have the artwork take centre stage, then by all means opt for multiple forms of light to really enhance a painting or picture and draw attention to the piece. 

Conversely, if you want a subtler effect then a single picture light should be able to get the job done. Its lighting radius and size is usually sufficient enough to allow viewers to admire the artwork in all its detail close up without allowing the artwork to command all the attention in a space. This is an excellent choice if you are prioritizing the overall room ambience over a gallery-like look and feel. 

Also, keep in mind that the picture light should highlight and illuminate the art but never detract from the piece by being overly bright or overly large. 

Picture lights can be hung at the base of the artwork or across the top depending on the look you are going for. They are wonderfully versatile this way allowing you to determine which affect you like the best. 

Among the pages of options for picture lights at www.netlighting.co.uk, you will find a wide variety of finishes, sizes and styles to suit every taste level. We offer sleek minimalist styles, modern styles, traditional styles and many more with finishes ranging from chrome and white to black and bronze

There are many options for lighting artwork at Netlighting and with these handy tips as a guide, you will be sure to find the perfect fixtures for your project. 

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