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Add beauty as well as safety features to your outdoor decking and stairs with recessed lights. Netlighting offers many lighting options for your outdoor space in the form of recessed floor and decking lights. When the weather turns warm, your deck or patio will be the place to be. Light it up for everyone to see and enjoy with our large selection of lighting. Recessed decking and floor lights can set the mood with ambient lighting and add a layer of safety so that guests can easily find their way. Everything will be easier from cookouts to outdoor entertaining, relaxing and neighbourhood parties with beautiful and safe outdoor lighting. Whether you want to create a laid back atmosphere or add energy and excitement, recessed floor and decking lighting is an effortless way to do it. You can illuminate most of your desk with ambient light and define the entrance or you can light the perimeter by adding recessed lighting to railings or floorboards. Outdoor step lights are not only lovely to look at; they are a necessity for guests to find their way. All of these options are available at in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and styles. If you desire an arts and crafts look or a more modern fixture, we have lots of options for you. Or go the traditional route or pick an industrial vibe, we have alternatives for all of these styles and more. You will find a tremendous selection of finishes as well, from polished chrome to stainless steel and bronze to suit your outdoor decorating needs. No matter if you need black, white or another hue on the spectrum, we have the look you are going for. Turn your vision into a reality with the options at Netlighting. Transform your garden into your favourite space with the simple addition of recessed floor and decking lights. We have handpicked the most impressive and durable fixtures to help you achieve your goals. Recessed floor and decking lights are not only lovely to look at, they can add important safety features such as defining garages and pathways and lighting stairways. Light up your garden space brilliantly with Netlighting's extensive selection and then step back to appreciate the view. 

Lighting your garden in a creative manner can provide a spectacular effect, and our range of decking lights has been selected to help you do this. We have hand-picked the most impressive fittings, to provide you with the ideal solution for discrete garden lighting. 


Many people use decking lighting to demarcate garages and pathways, and to that end we have chosen many fittings which are ‘drive-over’, and are designed specifically to take the weight of vehicles. You no longer need to struggle to see your way to the front door or navigate down your driveway.

Energy Saving

Deck lights are often kept illuminated for lengthy periods of time, and consequently can begin to rack up large utility bills. With our range of LED and low energy fittings, you can now illuminate your garden without worrying about haemorrhaging money, and whilst being environmentally responsible.


We at Netlighting understand the importance of durability when it comes to outdoor lighting, and we have therefore chosen fittings which are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Our deck lights are all IP rated, an internationally recognised classification which ensures the product is resistant to moisture and water invasion. Rest assured that your fitting will stand the test of time and wear and tear.

If you have any questions about decking lights or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!

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