Track & Cable Lighting

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Netlighting’s range of cable lighting and track lighting has been carefully selected by our team of experienced experts to provide you with the highest quality lighting solutions in the industry. These highly customisable fittings are extremely popular for both domestic and commercial use. The precise installation of track and cable lights can be tricky, so remember, if you are in any doubt about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

Commercial Applications

Track and cable lights are the perfect solution for works spaces requiring flexible lighting. They are used extensively on film sets and in theatres, workshops, art galleries and other makeshift areas. No other method of lighting offers quite as much flexibility and practicality. The possibilities are endless, allowing almost any conceivable configuration.

Directional Lighting

Track Lighting enables one to create thoroughly customised illumination, as it is fully customisable to allow you to tweak the fittings to your precise requirements. It is particularly useful for rooms in which directional lighting is of paramount importance, perhaps to lighten up the darker areas of a room or the crevices which require additional luminosity.

Safety Standards

All of our cable lighting fittings here at Netlighting are designed to the highest manufacturing standards. As these products are often used in commercial environments, we appreciate the importance of durability and reliability. Some of the fittings in this range are IP rated, meaning they are resistant to moisture, to various degrees. This greatly expands the areas in which track and cable lights can be installed.

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