Flush & Semi Flush

Netlighting’s range of semi flush ceiling lights has been carefully selected to provide you with only the very best in interior lighting design. Our collection features fittings to suit every conceivable style, and for any given environment.

Energy Saving

We take the welfare of the planet very seriously here at Netlighting, and to that end our range of semi flush ceiling lights, like our other ranges, features several low energy fittings. As well as helping the environment, these fittings tend to save you a great deal on energy bills. As part of our low energy range, we stock a host of LED fittings, which provide a crisp light whilst consuming a fraction of the electricity of a normal halogen bulb. LEDs are the future of lighting, so get ahead of the curve by buying one today!


Our hand-picked range of semi flush ceiling lights features fittings by some of the most prominent interior designers in the industry. Whether you are after a modern or traditional look, classic or contemporary, you are sure to find it here at Netlighting. There are several Tiffany lights amongst our collection for those seeking the ultra-traditional aesthetic.

Range of Styles

We stock products to suit all tastes, and any particular room. For the dining rooms and living rooms we stock a selection of elegant semi flush ceiling lights, adorned with resplendent crystals. Some of our products are focused on utility and practicality, and more suited to kitchens or work spaces. Our range also includes several novelty lights which are perfect for children’s bedrooms or play rooms.

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  • Decorative Flush

    Decorative Flush

    <p>No matter whether you are illuminating a hallway, bathroom or living area, a decorative flush mount lighting fixture is always a tasteful and practical choice. Flush mount fixtures install in the cleaning and sit level or flush with the ceiling surface. These fixtures are popular for any room of the home since flush mount lights are decorative and efficient without being prominent or in the way of furniture or people passing under them. </p> <p>At Netlighting, we have tried to ensure that you have as many options as possible for beautiful and functional flush mount fixtures. Whether you desire an outdoor light finished in black or a tasteful indoor fixture finished in bronze, white, polished nickel or other, we have many good looking styles to choose from. </p> <p>Flush mount fixtures tend to be located in the middle of a room to provide ample lighting for general purposes. They do especially well in a hallway, utility room, laundry room or other space where hanging fixtures, table lamps or floor lamps may not be a good fit. </p> <p>Lighting is one of the most important choices you can make for your home decor so it is important to weigh all your options and choose fixtures that not only speak to you but also provide ample lighting and coordinate with other finishes in your home. Flush mount fixtures are ideal for high traffic areas and workspaces. </p> <p>Easy to install just about any place, modern flush mount lights can be used anywhere including small spaces that may have a low ceiling clearance. </p> <p>Choose from modern and sleek fixtures to more ornate and architectural style flush mount fixtures here at www.netlighting.co.uk. A well-chosen decorative flush mount fixture will add much-needed light and a touch of style with minimal effort.</p> <p>These easy to use fixtures also come in a wide variety of shapes to pair perfectly with your decor. Choose from rectangular or square fixtures as well as circular and spherical designs. </p> <p>Add interest to your ceiling while also adding lovely, warm light with the perfect flush mount fixture from Netlighting. </p> <p></p>
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    Glass & Crystal

  • Glass Shade Clusters

    Glass Shade Clusters

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  • Integrated LED Designs

    Integrated LED Designs

  • Multi Arm

    Multi Arm

  • Patterned Glass Flush

    Patterned Glass Flush

  • Simple Flush

    Simple Flush

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    Something Different

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