Globe Table Lamp

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Shop for a myriad of globe table lamps perfect for every decorating style. Loved for their simple orb shape and versatility, globe table lamps are both functional and decorative to create a pleasing ambiance. 

Globe table lamps can provide both ambient lighting and task lighting depending on your needs. They are also suitable for a wide variety of decorating styles so whether your tastes run to modern and contemporary or more classic and traditional you are sure to find a lamp you love. 

Their compact size makes a globe table lamp an easy add for a pretty glow. Infuse your space with their functional style!

There are many styles of globe table lamps at Netlighting so a few tips will help you choose just the right fixture. 

Know the size of your space when shopping. Even though globe lamps are generally on the compact side there is a difference in size to be aware of to ensure that your new lamp fits correctly on the dresser, table, or shelf where you envision it. 

For a modern interior look for fixtures that are finished in gleaming chrome or satin nickel. For a more classic appearance go for an antique brass or copper finish. 

Globe table lamps are generally thought of as modern fixtures but they are versatile enough to be used in any decorating style. For those styles look at simple designs and frosted glass. 

Globe table lamps are a wonderful way to layer a lighting look in any space. Pair them with traditional table lamps and ceiling fixtures to illuminate your space beautifully. 

Draw inspiration from your existing decorating style and pair the finish on your new globe table lamp with the finishes already present in your decor for a pulled-together look. 

At our availability of globe table lamps are offered in a variety of styles and finishes as well as a variety of sizes. Some are simple orbs seated on a base while others are designed on a wood base or situated more like a traditional lamp. 

Art meets function on these wonderful fixtures that are as useful and practical as they are gorgeous. 

Try a globe table lamp on any surface of your home for a beautiful, warm glow. Sure to draw the eye while adding brilliance to any decorating style a globe table lamp is an effortless way to instantly refresh the decor in any room. 

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