Tiffany Floor Lamps

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Add beauty, colour, and a bit of history to your aesthetic with a gorgeous Tiffany-style floor lamp. Crafted with a beautiful stained glass shade that Tiffany is credited for popularizing, these floor lamps are as useful as they are good-looking. Perfect for task lighting or ambient lighting in any room a Tiffany floor lamp is an easy way to lend a fresh look. 

At you will find a wide variety of options for Tiffany floor lamps. There are styles with domes shades, scalloped shades, and even hexagonal shades. Their variety of colour combinations ranges from lovely earth tones to vivid blues and greens to pair with any decor. There is also a bevy of finishes to choose from including silver, gold, chrome, brass, and antique bronze. Pair your existing finishes with your new Tiffany-style floor lamp to create a cohesive and designer-worthy look. 

Not only will your new Tiffany floor lamp lend wonderful light, but it will also add colour, beauty, and style to your interior. 

Known for their design Tiffany shades are instantly recognizable. At Netlighting you will find geometric designs, nature motifs, and even abstract designs. Perfect for lending traditional flair a Tiffany floor lamp works well in a contemporary or transitional setting. 

Known for his work with stained glass Louis Comfort Tiffany designed windows, lamps, mosaics, and much more. Some of his work hangs in The White House as well as in many churches and other locations. 

Nowadays other companies have adopted the use of stained glass in lamps and other decorative items to re-create that distinctive Tiffany style. 

Perfect as a reading light or as task lighting near a desk or table a Tiffany floor lamp is a wonderful way to add beauty and colour to any setting. The beautifully designed and coloured glass on these floor lamps shield eyes from the harsh light of a bulb. 

Position your new Tiffany floor lamp in the corner of a room or next to a seating area. Keep in mind the shape of the shade which strongly influences the sort of light that emits from the lamp. Most floor lamps typically shine most of their light downwards and out to the sides. Sometimes if the top of the shade is more open, it will also shine light upwards onto the ceiling, where it reflects off as colourful ambient light.

No matter what style you choose you will be sure to love the effect in your home! 

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