Recessed Downlights

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Recessed downlights are easily one of the most functional and stylish ways to illuminate your home. They are designed to sit flush with your surface, generally the ceiling and recessed or set into the ceiling. Sometimes downlights are referred to as can lights or just downlights, they are one of the most common forms of architectural lighting. They are used in both new construction and can be retrofitted into existing homes. 

Recessed downlights provide a polished, clean look thanks to the integrated design style and offer light right where it is needed. 

You can lend your space an updated look with minimal effort by installing outdoor recessed fixtures while adding safety and security to your exterior. 

Perfect for a front porch, outdoor living space or another outside area a recessed downlight is a simple way to add just the right amount of light. 

They are great for low ceilinged space and often fit where other light fixtures will not work. Enjoy your porch, patio or other open air space long after the sun has set with outdoor recessed downlights from Our collection extends the time you can spend outside while adding a polished and finished look to just about any outdoor area. 

The sleek, low profile design is ideal for outdoor kitchen eating areas, grill areas, gazebos and much more. 

Choose from various sizes, finishes and trim styles among our collection to find the right aesthetic for your space. 

Recessed downlights are versatile and functional and will certainly add to the curb appeal of any home. Make sure you have all the technical specifications such as electrical connections, ceiling height, line voltage and size at hand when making your selections. 

Recessed downlights are a wonderfully versatile option for providing lighting whether you are using them for wall lighting or downlighting. 

Use them for ambient lighting, accent or spotlighting or even wall washing (bathing a wall in light so that it bounces into space rather than shining directly down on it). All choices are great options to illuminate an outdoor space for entertaining and safety. 

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