Tiffany Table Lamps

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Wonderfully unique Tiffany Table lamps will lend soft, warm light like no other table lamp can provide. With a decorative stained glass shade to lend colour and dimension, a Tiffany-style table lamp is a wonderful choice for any room of the house. Choose from many options at to fulfil your lighting vision perfectly. 

At Netlighting we offer Tiffany table lamps in a variety of designs, colours, sizes and styles to pair with any decorating style. You will find Tiffany table lamps with nature motifs, abstract designs, and much more. There are even whimsical designs such as turtles and butterflies in stained glass for a unique touch.

Choose from a large selection of lampshade colours at There are shades of blue, red, yellow, brown, pink, green and many other hues to coordinate with your current colour scheme. You can also choose from a variety of finishes for your new lamp. Select brass, bronze, or polished aluminium to coordinate with your existing finishes. 

There are diminutive Tiffany lamps for countertops or small nooks as well as larger table lamps for side tables, consoles and more as well as everything in between.

Table lamps are a wonderfully easy way to layer the lighting look in a space. When paired with overhead lights, wall lights and more you can illuminate a living area, entryway, bedroom or other room to show off its best features and provide ample light to work, read, and relax. 

Tiffany style table lamps are crafted with hundreds of pieces of colourful glass to form a complex design. Popular motifs are flowers, dragonflies, birds and animals as well as abstract designs. 

Ideal for a side table, bedside table, desk or countertop a Tiffany lamp is a lovely way to provide a warm pool of light for all of life's activities. 

Tiffany table lamps are also wonderfully versatile. You will find traditional table lamp styles, as well as Tiffany inspired banker's lamps, desk lamps. accent lamps and others to create a signature style in any room of your home. 

A Tiffany table lamp is an easy way to lend traditional flair and visual interest to any space. Flank a couch with a Tiffany lamp at either end or welcome guests to your home with a Tiffany table lamp on a console table. These beautiful and iconic fixtures are instantly recognizable to lend beauty, style and lovely illumination to a space. 

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