Fire Rated Downlights

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When you want to add recessed downlights to your lighting scheme make sure to look at fire rated downlights. Recessed lights, also known as can lights, spotlights or downlights, are a versatile choice for many interior decorating schemes. Fire-rated downlights help slow the spread of fire. When a hole is cut into a ceiling, for a downlight, this creates a possible path for fire to spread more easily and move between floors more quickly. A fire-rated downlight restores the fire integrity of a ceiling once a hole has been made for recessed light. Fire-rated downlights need to withstand a fire resistance test that mimics the behaviour of fire. 

A fire-rated downlight can significantly decrease the time it takes for a fire to spread when compared to a non-fire-rated fixture. 

At Netlighting we have an extensive collection of fire-rated downlights to suit any decorating scheme. Whether you want a small fixture or a bigger fixture, we have many options for you. Choose from several finishes for your fire rated downlights as well. We have finishes available in white, chrome, nickel, aluminium, black and more to pair perfectly with your interior. 

You will also find a variety of styles to suit your purposes. There are small, unobtrusive fire rated downlights as well as statement-making fire rated downlights with thicker cases that are meant to be noticed. 

Fire-rated downlights are important in fire safety since they effectively block the hole cut into the ceiling. Various downlights can have different fire rated times from 30 to 90 minutes. A fire-rated downlight gives you extra time to get out safely in case of fire. 

Versatile and perfect for adding light right where you need it, fire rated downlights are clean and modern to look at while lending lovely illumination to any aesthetic. Use them for general lighting, task lighting or to highlight specific parts of a room. Downlights can also be used for wall washing to make a room feel bigger and more inviting. 

Fire-rated downlights work well over a kitchen counter or island, in a workshop or in a living area to lend warm light. Highlight a painting or sculpture beautifully with a fire-rated downlight. 

As part of a lighting scheme, fire-rated downlights are an important component in a layered lighting scheme. Pair them with floor lamps, pendant fixtures, sconces and much more to set the mood in any room. 

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