Bankers Table Lamps

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A traditional banker's lamp conjures up images of rich oak paneling, thick rugs to muffle sound, and luxurious leather furniture. And on the desk, there is the iconic kelly green-shaded lamp known as a banker's lamp. 

Synonymous with banks and scholarly environments such as libraries or classrooms, a classic bankers lamp is a brass desk lamp with a rectangular kelly green or emerald green glass shade. 

The green glass allows the light to shine through and it is easy on the eyes according to purists. Perfect for task lighting at a desk, the first banker's lamp was put to use in 1909. Still recognizable today although the finish or glass colour may have changed, this style of lamp has evolved to provide beautiful light in many more settings than banks and classrooms. 

At we have a nice selection of banker-style lamps to choose from. 

There are classic lamps with a brass finish and green glass shade as well as more modern versions that feature chrome finish or frosted glass shade. The shape and design is still similar to the original and recognizable as a banker's lamp but they are updated for today's tastes and decorating styles. 

Try a new take on a banker's lamp with an all-brass finish version or a contemporary version in an all-matte gray finish. 

Perfect for use at a desk or on a counter for task lighting, a banker's lamp could also be used at the bedside, on a counter, or as a reading light near a chair or sofa. 

The light from the glass shade, no matter the colour, is perfectly suited to school work, paying bills, writing letters, or putting together a puzzle. Stylish and always tasteful, a banker's lamp is an excellent lighting choice for almost any aesthetic. 

The look of a classic banker's lamp is timeless. The sleek design and rounded corners are friendly to any interior style. Historically operated by a pull chain switch, updated bankers lamps now turn off and on with a knob or push button. Read this article to find out why a bankers lamp is still modern and relevant.

Instantly popular when they came out, the banker's lamp has survived the test of time to remain a stylish and good-looking choice for lighting at work or at home. Ideal for lending classic style in any environment our selection of bankers lamps is an easy way to lend light and charm to any setting. 

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