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Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Choosing your bathroom ceiling lights can be a tricky process. The first consideration is obviously safety, both in terms of the amount of light needed, and in terms if resistance to moisture. The second consideration is style, and combining the two can often prove difficult. Netlighting’s individually selected range of bathroom ceiling lights includes a large amount of contemporary and traditional designs, which means you do not have to compromise on style, whilst ensuring that your bathroom area is illuminated in a suitable manner.


All of our bathroom ceiling lights are incredibly durable and resistant to the elements. Most of the fitting have high IP ratings, making them resistant to long term exposure to moisture and damp. Rest-assured that your bathroom lights will stand the test of time and wear and tear.

Energy Saving

Low energy fittings are in increasing demand amongst consumers and Netlighting’s range of bathroom ceiling lights reflects this. We stock LED lights, fluorescent and other energy saving fittings, allowing you to save on bills and help protect the planet.


Our range includes fittings for many different modes of lighting. We stock both recessed and non-recessed lights, spotlights and flexible fittings. Our products will help you achieve the lighting effect you wish for in your bathroom or toilet.


Nothing should prevent you from adding the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom with an exquisite ceiling light. We therefore stock a range of high-style fittings, designed by some of the finest talent in interior fashion.

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