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Ceiling lights alone can make a room too harsh, too bright while lamps generally only cast a small amount of light. The way to lend just the right amount of light to a room is to layer your lighting. And that is where beautiful wall uplighters come in. Perfect for adding another layer or dimension to your lighting, wall uplights are excellent for large or small areas and they can be used singly or in multiples to create just the right mood. 

Wall lights are just one of the various lighting components that your home should look to, and one that should not be overlooked. At www.netlighting.co.uk you will find many options for wall uplights in a variety of sizes, styles, finishes and colours. 

Beginning with a humble origin, wall lights began life as torches made from wrought iron and timber with a flame at the top. They would have been attached to brackets on the wall to help guide the way in the castles and manor houses of medieval times. 

Now though, selecting your torch or wall uplighter is as easy as searching the many beautiful options that Netlighting has to offer. Select from finishes that include chrome, brass, bronze, unglazed ceramic and much more. There are modern and industrial styles, retro styles and classic styles to choose from to bring your lighting vision to life. Light up any area of your home and banish the dark while bathing a wall in warm and vibrant light. 

Several of the selections at www.netlighting.co.uk are charming enough to act as art for your walls in their own right. Take for example the gorgeous Tiffany glass uplighters. Colourful and sophisticated they are wonderful for adding an elegant dimension. Or try the sleek, ultra-modern styles that look like abstract sculptures, they are sure to add an artistic dimension to any space. 

Using a versatile wall uplighter in a hallway is a natural choice but think outside the box and try wall uplights in a bathroom for a dramatic effect or flanking a fireplace in a living area. Use adaptable wall up lighters in a bathroom, bedroom or living area. They are wonderful in pairs and to layer with pendant lights and chandeliers. You can even try slim wall uplighters on either side of the cooker for illumination. They will cast a pretty pool of light downward creating a wonderful ambience. 

Wall uplighters are wonderful choices for any room of the home. 

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