Recessed Downlights

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Downlights, can lights, or recessed lights all refer to the same type of lighting that is installed into the ceiling. Due to the style, they are ideal for rooms with low ceilings and small spaces. Recessed lights or downlights are usually composed of the housing and then the trim which is inserted in the housing. Depending on the style you have chosen you may have to remove the trim to replace the bulb. Recessed lights can be used in virtually any room from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and offices where you need light but may not want an obvious fixture. Now that you have decided on recessed lights you can choose from several styles to suit your decor perfectly. Downlights have bulbs fixed in place whereas tilt able can point in any direction you choose. There are anti-glare lights as well as reflective lights to make the most of the light shining down. There are also a variety of finishes, colours, materials, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Select a classic, circular recessed light or go for a modern square shape. There is bronze, crisp white, or sparkling crystal to choose from as well as many other materials in the recessed lighting family to make your project blend in or stand out depending on your tastes. If you want light at a kitchen counter or more light to read by a downlight is a good choice. The same can be said for lighting a corridor or hallway. Recessed lights can even be used in a family area or large room in combination with floor lamps and table lamps to create just the right look. Light up a work of art or sculpture with an eyeball spot that you can aim at the object. A variety of bulbs can be used in recessed fixtures as well unless the fixture is marked otherwise. Choose the coolness of fluorescent or go for the warmth of incandescent. A high-intensity halogen is also an option as are LED light bulbs. With so many recessed lights to choose from it may be easy to get overwhelmed but keeping in mind decorating styles and spaces that are similar to your taste can help you choose the perfect light for your needs. Netlighting has a huge variety of recessed lights to choose from in the perfect colour, finish and style so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

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