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Caged & Wire Frame Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Browse through the wide selection of caged and wire frame fixtures at to find pieces in metal, chrome, wood, wire and more. You will find designs for every style whether you want an industrial look or a more traditional open form style. 

Carefully curated to offer only the most interesting and unique caged and wire fixtures, Netlighting has the option of a variety of finishes, colours, materials and styles for placement in your home or office. 

Cage and wire frame style lighting can provide a rustic or farmhouse touch to an interior or a sleek and minimalist feel to a space depending on the selection made. 

These fixtures are also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes as well to suit any space perfectly.  A caged or wire light fixture is a unique way to light a space and show off a cool bulb such as an Edison style bulb. The overall look is industrial but the shape and finish can lend elegance and sophistication or even a coastal vibe to these fixtures to appeal to any type of home decor. 

Perfect for enhancing your overall home design theme while bringing in practical light to the level where you need it, cage and wire fixtures are an easy way to add interest to a room. 

Designs in spare materials such as copper, steel and iron complement an industrial space easily while fixtures in various types of woods can lend a more casual vibe. 

Airy, bright and stylish caged and wire fixtures are a wonderful way to keep the look light and open in a room. Great for a high ceilinged room these fixtures can also work in smaller spaces such as bathrooms or home offices to add much-needed light. 

Netlighting has an extensive selection of this type of lighting fixture to suit every taste level when you want something simple and understated or large and eye-catching. 

Any interior style will be more remarkable when you add in a caged or wire pendant fixture to illuminate it. 

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