Floor Lamps

At Netlighting, we recognise that choosing the right floor lamp is not an easy task. Some consumers use their floor lamp to illuminate a particular area in a room or to create an effective display. Other consumers use them as a lamp, either for reading or other workspaces. Our range is hand-picked to offer something for everyone, and features both modern and traditional fittings, from respected lighting designers.


Many of our floor lamps are specifically designed to provide light for reading. Our mother and child lamps feature both an uplight and an adjustable downlight, making it easy to customise for your favourite reading position. Many of our lamps also include a switch on the actual cable, so that you can control your light from the comfort of your armchair.

Energy Saving

Part of our ethos at Netlighting is to ensure we supply a large variety of energy efficient fittings, and our range of floor lamps is no different. We stock several low consumption lamps, which help you save money on bills whilst protecting the environment.

Touch Dimmable

Many of our fittings are dimmable by touch, which is incredibly useful for lamps that are used for reading, or for adjusting the glow of the light to create a specific ambience. 

If you have any questions about these lights or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!

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  • Floor Lamps with Shade

    Floor Lamps with Shade

  • Uplighter Floor Lamps

    Uplighter Floor Lamps

    <p>At Netlighting, we have assembled a team of experts to compile a selection of the finest fittings in the industry, so that we can offer you only the best in terms of manufacturing and design. Our range of uplighters is no exception; we have selected a large range of floor uplighters, including classic and contemporary styles. There should be something for everyone in our collection, but remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to get in touch – it’s what we’re here for after all.</p> <p>Design<br />Our range of floor uplighters includes fittings by some of the industry’s most celebrated designers. We offer products in a range of finishes, including brass, chrome, silver and nickel. Some of our fittings feature acid or marble glass diffusers, which are a mainstay of elegant lighting fixtures. If you’re looking to illuminate a particular area of a room, or create a unique display, we stock several art deco fittings, which allow you to create an impressive effect.</p> <p>Energy Saving<br />As an environmentally conscious company, we are always seeking to provide as many low energy options as possible. To that end, our range of uplighters includes several energy saving fittings, which help you save the planet and save money on your energy bills. We also stock a selection of LED fittings, which provide unparalleled luminosity and offer incredibly low levels of energy consumption. As utility prices continue to rise, get ahead of the curve by installing energy saving lighting into your home or workplace.</p>
  • Multi Arm Floor Lamps

    Multi Arm Floor Lamps

    <p>Multi-arm floor lamps not only provide beautiful illumination they offer flair and versatility for any decorating style. Wonderful for overall ambient lighting, multi-arm floor lamps also offer focused light for reading or working. </p> <p>You are sure to be impressed with the beautiful functionality of a good-looking multi-arm lamp. Great for any room of the home they give you freedom and functionality in any setting.</p> <p>Stylish and eye-catching multi-arm floor lamps come in a variety of styles to suit every taste level. Perfect for a reading chair or near a desk, a floor lamp helps create a cozy environment. Try one at the side of a bed or next to a chair where the direct light is certain to be appreciated. </p> <p>The offerings at www.netlighting.co.uk are sure to delight you. There are modern styles as well as classic and traditional styles in a variety of finishes to pair with any decor. You will find gleaming chrome floor lamps along with bronze, antique brass, silver, and nickel finishes. Coordinate the finish on your new multi-arm floor lamp with the most prominent finish in your existing decor for a polished and pulled-together look. </p> <p>Our collection of multi-arm floor lamps is able to suit a wide variety of interior styles, you will be sure to find the perfect lamp among our pages. </p> <p>Stylish floor lamps with multiple points of light come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too, ranging from two and three-headed designs to larger and more far-reaching options. </p> <p>Make sure to properly measure your space before selecting your multi-arm floor lamp. You will have to plan where to place the fixture to ensure there is enough floor space as well as surrounding space for the lamp to fit in and illuminate correctly. With a multi-arm floor lamp you have to take into account the horizontal space it will need as well. A little more space rather than less space is always preferred for this type of floor lamp. </p> <p>Great for any room of the home a multi-arm floor lamp can be put to good use for reading or working. The ability to fix the light right where you need it is a great reason to go for this type of lamp. Move the light right where you need it when you need it. Unlike a table lamp or ceiling fixture, the light can be changed fairly easily to accommodate the task at hand. </p> <p></p>
  • Tiffany Floor Lamps

    Tiffany Floor Lamps

    <p>Add beauty, colour, and a bit of history to your aesthetic with a gorgeous Tiffany-style floor lamp. Crafted with a beautiful stained glass shade that Tiffany is credited for popularizing, these floor lamps are as useful as they are good-looking. Perfect for task lighting or ambient lighting in any room a Tiffany floor lamp is an easy way to lend a fresh look. </p> <p>At www.netlighting.co.uk you will find a wide variety of options for Tiffany floor lamps. There are styles with domes shades, scalloped shades, and even hexagonal shades. Their variety of colour combinations ranges from lovely earth tones to vivid blues and greens to pair with any decor. There is also a bevy of finishes to choose from including silver, gold, chrome, brass, and antique bronze. Pair your existing finishes with your new Tiffany-style floor lamp to create a cohesive and designer-worthy look. </p> <p>Not only will your new Tiffany floor lamp lend wonderful light, but it will also add colour, beauty, and style to your interior. </p> <p>Known for their design Tiffany shades are instantly recognizable. At Netlighting you will find geometric designs, nature motifs, and even abstract designs. Perfect for lending traditional flair a Tiffany floor lamp works well in a contemporary or transitional setting. </p> <p>Known for his work with stained glass Louis Comfort Tiffany designed windows, lamps, mosaics, and much more. Some of his work hangs in The White House as well as in many churches and other locations. </p> <p>Nowadays other companies have adopted the use of stained glass in lamps and other decorative items to re-create that distinctive Tiffany style. </p> <p>Perfect as a reading light or as task lighting near a desk or table a Tiffany floor lamp is a wonderful way to add beauty and colour to any setting. The beautifully designed and coloured glass on these floor lamps shield eyes from the harsh light of a bulb. </p> <p>Position your new Tiffany floor lamp in the corner of a room or next to a seating area. Keep in mind the shape of the shade which strongly influences the sort of light that emits from the lamp. Most floor lamps typically shine most of their light downwards and out to the sides. Sometimes if the top of the shade is more open, it will also shine light upwards onto the ceiling, where it reflects off as colourful ambient light.</p> <p>No matter what style you choose you will be sure to love the effect in your home! </p> <p></p>
  • Tripod Floor Lamps

    Tripod Floor Lamps

    <p></p> <p>When you decide to make a statement with a floor lamp make sure you add a versatile tripod floor lamp to your list of options. Not only is a tripod floor lamp a classic and easy style it pairs well with almost any decorating style. </p> <p>A tripod style definitely takes up more space than a traditional floor lamp so make sure you have the space to fit and show off a tripod floor lamp. They work really well in an empty corner of a large room but they take up too much space in a smaller room.</p> <p>The tripod shape is sleek yet classic, perfect for a traditional interior or a contemporary interior, or anything in between. </p> <p>Certain to capture attention, a tripod floor lamp should be given a permanent spot in a room so that everyone can appreciate its beauty and style. Show off this floor lamp style to its best advantage! </p> <p>Besides their versatility and area of effect, tripod floor lamps are incredibly decorative. And a tripod base makes them look especially designing and sculptural.</p> <p>A tripod floor lamp is perfect for casting ambient light and adding conversation-worthy style to any room of a home. </p> <p>At Netlighting you will find tripod floor lamps that come in a variety of sizes and finishes to coordinate perfectly with your existing decor. Whether you need brass, brown, nickel, gray, orange, or another finish we are sure to have the one that works for you and your lighting vision. There are also designs that are inspired by photographer's lamps making them great for an industrial-style setting. </p> <p>There is also a wide variety of shade styles on our tripod table lamps selections. Caged style shades, as well as traditional shades and several more, are available for your perusal. </p> <p>If you have a bit of extra floor space a tripod floor lamp is definitely a good choice for ambiance and flair. Great next to a chair or sofa a tripod floor lamp could also be used next to an entryway table or used in a pair to flank a buffet for a more modern look. </p> <p>Find just about any style, height, material, and finish you might be looking for with Netlighting's extensive collection of floor lamps and shades.</p> <p>Great for use in any room a tripod floor lamp is super convenient as they do not have to be permanently installed and can be moved whenever and wherever you like. </p> <p>Great as an accent light you can layer the lighting in any room with table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and an eye-catching tripod floor lamp. Draw attention to your accent furniture with directional, spotlight-style lamps that accentuate your pieces, you will be sure to love the results. </p> <p></p>
  • Glass & Crystal Lamps

    Glass & Crystal Lamps

    <p>Crystal glass is known for its ability to dazzle and bring undeniable brilliance and elegance to any space. Perfect when paired with a floor lamp design, crystal becomes an elegant and eye-catching way to lend sophistication to a decorating style. </p> <p>Aside from providing beautiful light to your home, a crystal floor lamp can elevate the aesthetic in any space simply by being there. </p> <p>Living rooms, bedrooms, and entertaining areas can all benefit from the addition of a stylish crystal floor lamp. </p> <p>At www.netlighting.co.uk we have a wide variety of styles to choose from in this category. There are simple and sleek crystal floor lamps as well as ornate and over-the-top floor crystal floor lamps. Depending on your needs you are sure to find just the right fit for your style and personality. </p> <p>A little bit of extra sparkle and illumination in any room will draw the eye and lend a wonderful focal point to a decorating style. </p> <p>Crystal floor lamps provide the look of a chandelier with the versatility of a floor lamp. Sometimes crystal floor lamps are even referred to as chandelier floor lamps due to their chandelier style. </p> <p>Crystal floor lamps are wonderful to use in many situations. The crystal reflects the light beautifully and does a terrific job of creating sparkle so that your floor lamp lights up a dim space in a magical and enchanting way. </p> <p>When choosing a crystal floor lamp keep in mind how prominent you want the crystals to be. Some floor lamps have crystals that dangle while others have the crystals incorporated into the shade for a more subdued effect. It's really about your style when choosing a crystal floor lamp that is right for your space. </p> <p>Select from a variety of finishes to pair with your existing decor. There are chrome, gold, copper, nickel, white, and many more finishes to choose from so that you can create a cohesive and pulled-together look in any room with your new crystal floor lamp. </p> <p>Place a crystal floor lamp on a console table or buffet with a pair of crystal floor lamps to lend a sophisticated touch to a space or place one next to a chair or sofa as an elegant reading lamp. </p> <p>No matter where you use your new floor lamp it will adjust the right amount of radiance and lovely illumination to space to finish off your decor perfectly. </p> <p></p>
  • Mother & Child Lamps

    Mother & Child Lamps

    <p>Netlighting’s range of mother and child lamps has been carefully chosen by our team of in-house experts to provide you with the very best in modern lighting design. We have selected fittings by some of the finest manufacturers in world lighting, offering you a range of styles, from the modern to the traditional. Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It’s what we’re here for, after all.</p> <p>Versatility<br />The mother and child lamp is an extremely versatile fitting, allowing you to customise your lighting to suit your specific needs. Featuring both an uplight or top light for illuminating the wider room, and a reading light half-way down the stem, mother and child lamps are ideal for that corner of the living room where you enjoy curling up with a book. Most of the fittings are separately switchable and dimmable, which allows you to adjust either light to your precise specifications.</p> <p>Energy Saving<br />We understand how important looking after the environment is to our customers, and to that end we have selected a range of low energy mother and child lamps, to save you money on energy bills whilst saving the planet. We stock several low energy fittings, including a selection of LED fittings. LEDs are the future of lighting; their extremely low consumption combined with their unrivalled luminosity make them the ideal modern fitting. As utility prices continue to rise, get ahead of the curve by installing energy saving lighting in your home or workplace.</p>
  • Reading Lamps

    Reading Lamps

    <p>Our team of experienced experts here at Netlighting have gone about selecting the finest floor reading lamps in the business. We offer a collection with a large variety of fittings, from the modern to the traditional. There should be something for everyone, but should you struggle to find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us – it’s what we’re here for!</p> <p>Design<br />Floor reading lamps are the perfect excuse for adding a little pizzazz to your home. As well as the obvious practical benefits of buying a lamp, with an art deco fitting you can greatly enhance the design of any environment. We stock a range of classic and contemporary styles by some of the industry’s most celebrated designers.</p> <p>Versatility<br />Our collection of floor reading lamps are designed to offer you maximum flexibility and ensure that you can customise the fitting to suit your specific needs. Getting a reading light in the right position can be a tricky business, but our products come equipped with the features to help you find the perfect solution.</p> <p>Energy Saving<br />As an environmentally conscious company, we endeavour to offer a large range of low energy fittings to our consumers. To this end we have selected several energy saving floor reading lamps which will help reduce your energy bills whilst helping you protect the planet. Amongst our low energy fittings, we stock a range of LED lights, which offer unrivalled low levels of consumption and strong luminosity. As utility prices continue to soar, get ahead of the curve by investing in low energy lighting.</p>
  • Task Floor Lamps

    Task Floor Lamps

    <p>Task lighting certainly doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But have no fear, task lighting, as with all lighting, becomes much more interesting here at Netlighting. </p> <p>As the name implies, task lighting offers direct lighting right where it is needed for work of any sort. The unsung heroes of any lighting plan, task lighting provides much-needed illumination for the task at hand. However, task lighting does not have to be boring or commercial-style lighting. Oh no, quite the opposite. Task lighting comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes to coordinate with your decor wonderfully. </p> <p>Task lighting floor lamps provide both direct task lighting and widespread ambient lighting to suit every need in any space. Aim light right where you need it with a functional and versatile task light floor lamp. Many styles have adjustable arms to lower and raise the light as needed. </p> <p>The general style of a task light floor lamp is pretty straightforward. Situated on a sturdy base, a task lamp floor lamp has a tall stem that extends from the base to a light that is either attached to the base or on an adjustable arm that extends from the stem. Each style of course has its details and design to recommend it, making the process of choosing a new task light floor lamp a fun and fulfilling job. </p> <p>Not only can you choose the design of your new floor lamp you can also choose the perfect finish at www.netlighting.com. As always we offer a wide variety of finishes to pair with your existing decor perfectly. There is white, silver, chrome, antique brass, copper, and many other finishes to choose from. Select the most prominent finish in your room and go with that finish for your new task floor lamp to keep the look consistent and pulled together. Too many finishes in one space can look confused and chaotic. </p> <p>Now that you have the finish make sure the space for your task light is ample for the size. If you want to raise or lower the light or move from one side to another, you will need to have enough space to do these things. </p> <p>A task light floor lamp is a wonderful way to layer the lighting look in a living area, bedroom, or entertaining space. Paired with overhead lighting and table lamps a task floor lamp is another element to adjust the lighting according to the needs of the moment. </p> <p></p>
  • LED Integrated Lamps

    LED Integrated Lamps

    <p>Whether your style is industrial, trendy, or traditional, you'll find the perfect LED integrated floor lamp for your home at www.netlighting.co.uk.</p> <p>Netlighting sells a mixture of styles and finishes to brighten your home beautifully. Shop our assortment of carefully curated LED integrated floor lamps for reading and ambiance to cast just the right light in your home.</p> <p>If you are eco-conscious and dedicated to saving energy and money, you’ll love our collection of LED integrated floor lamps. Equipped with long-life LED bulbs, these standing lamps come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and designs from ultra-modern floor lamps to sparkling crystal floor lamps. Integrated LED lights offer a longer lifetime rating than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and have a longer lifetime rating than screw-in LED bulbs</p> <p>The style of the lamp combined with the lighting task will determine the height of the LED integrated floor lamp you’ll need. For example, if you want an arc floor lamp to hang over an armchair for reading, consider your chair’s seat height and where the base of the shade will rest.</p> <p>Netlighting has finished to pair with any decor wonderfully. Whether you need a black finish, chrome, white, brass, or antique copper finish you will be sure to find the perfect match. Take cues from the hardware in the room where the floor lamp will stand. Coordinate with oil-rubbed bronze or black hardware with a black floor lamp or make a statement with a gleaming brass floor lamp. Whether you choose to keep your finishes in the same colour family is completely a matter of preference.</p> <p>Take your time and enjoy the process of choosing an energy-efficient LED integrated floor lamp for your home. You will find many designs that you could envision in a family room, living area, or bedroom since this style of fixture is so versatile and elegant.</p> <p>Sophisticated, slim, and wonderfully designed, our selection of LED integrated floor lamps offer our customers a wide variety to choose from to make sure that the perfect LED integrated floor lamp is chosen to fulfill a lighting vision. </p> <p>Integrated LED floor lamps are not only energy-efficient they produce a much brighter light than traditional bulbs. Use one alone in a room with a lot of windows or add two or more to a room where there is not a lot of natural light to ensure you have enough illumination for everything that you do. </p> <p></p>
  • Arc Floor Lamps

    Arc Floor Lamps

    <p>The singular look of an arc floor lamp makes it natural for a contemporary or modern decorating style. However, don't overlook the impact of a statement-making arc floor light in a more traditional setting for an instant update. </p> <p>Graceful, balanced, and very versatile, an arc floor lamp is a wonderful way to layer the lighting look in any room. Paired with table lamps and overhead lighting to adjust the illumination depending on your needs layered lighting produces </p> <p>Created for mid-century modern style homes, arc floor lamps have since evolved to work with any interior decorating style from industrial and eclectic to traditional and modern. </p> <p>Arc lamps come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes at www.netlighting.co.uk making your choice challenging but not impossible to choose just the right fixture. </p> <p>Perfect for placement next to a bed, chair, or sofa an arc floor lamp plays well with the furniture since the graceful arc allows it to live next to a side table or bedside table without any interference. </p> <p>Take a look around the room where you want to place your new arc floor lamp and find the finish that appears most often. No matter whether it is black, copper, brass, gold, or another finish we are sure to have the perfect lamp at Netlighting. </p> <p>Arc floor lamps generally come with one swing arm that gracefully arcs away from the base to hang right where you need wonderful illumination. Perfect for creating a dramatic look in any aesthetic, an arc floor light, sometimes referred to as an arch light, is an easy way to create a focal point with lighting. </p> <p>This style of floor lamp was specially designed in the shape of an arc to be placed anywhere on the floor while putting the light somewhere else altogether. </p> <p>Great for layering the lighting look in any room, an arc lamp is a lovely way to add not only light but shine and functionality. This style of floor lamp is also very low maintenance. Simply place it where you like it and the effect of the light it emits and, aside from turning it off and on as needed, there is nothing further to do but enjoy your new arc floor lamp. </p> <p>Place one anywhere in a room, the wide arc allows them to cast their light almost anywhere. The graceful arch will fall right over a chair, sofa, or table to reach its goal. Beautiful! </p> <p></p>
  • Touch Dimmable Lamps

    Touch Dimmable Lamps

    <p>Netlighting’s selection of dimmable floor lamps has been selected to provide you with the finest fittings available in the industry. Our team of in-house experts have chosen only the highest quality products to ensure your peace of mind. Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch. That’s what we are here for!</p> <p>Energy Saving<br />We understand how important the environment is to our customers, and to that end our range of floor lamp dimmer lights includes several low energy fittings. Energy saving appliances are the way forward, and help you protect the planet whilst saving money on your electricity bills. Save yourself the hassle of changing over to low consumption fittings in the future by getting ahead of the curve and installing one now.</p> <p>Mother &amp; Child<br />Many of our floor lamp dimmer lights are mother and child fittings, which means they feature two lights: one at the top to illuminate the room, another at some point in the middle of the stem, which allows you to adjust it for your reading needs. Most of the mother and child lights are separately switchable and dimmable.</p> <p>Design<br />Our range of floor lamp dimmer lights is selected from the collections of some of lighting’s most celebrated designers. You need not compromise on style when choosing the perfect solution for your needs. Whether it is a modern or traditional look you are after, at Netlighting, we have the floor lamp dimmer light for you.</p>
  • Portable Floor Lamps

    Portable Floor Lamps

    <p>Let the versatility of a portable floor lamp add light right where you need it. Just as the name implies, a portable floor lamp is meant to be easily moved around as needed. Or maybe you never need to move a portable floor lamp, you always have the option thanks to its size, weight, and construction. </p> <p>Maybe there is a task or job you want to complete and there is not enough light. Simply get your portable floor lamp and move it over, temporarily or permanently, to add the light where you need it. </p> <p>Perhaps you want to uplight an artistic grouping in a living area and a portable floor lamp is a perfect and unobtrusive fit to lend illumination. Then as the lighting changes with the light from the window, you realize you don't need the portable floor lamp there all year, you can easily place it anywhere else in your home for a wonderful glow. </p> <p>Simply put there is no reason not to have adequate lighting, for work, decor for beauty where you need it. This is where portable lighting comes into play. It gives you the flexibility to easily move a fixture right where you want to so that you can have ambient, task, and direct lighting when you need it. </p> <p>And keep in mind that portable lighting doesn't just provide light but rather provides just the right light in the exact place at the right time. </p> <p>Usually, one or two portable floor lamps will do the trick but you can certainly use more. It all depends on the setting and how much light you want to be projected. </p> <p>At Netlighting you will find an extensive variety of portable floor lamps for every situation. There are modern styles that resemble works of art and quaint lantern styles to please the traditionalist. </p> <p>Choose from a wide variety of finishes as well to pair with your existing decor. There is everything from brass and black to gold silver and antique copper finishes as well as many others to choose from. </p> <p>What purpose will your lighting serve? Do you want a welcoming floor light to place in an entryway or are you uplighting tall houseplants behind a sofa? Both applications are easily filled with a beautiful and portable floor lamp from www.netlighting.co.uk. </p> <p>Choose from our wide selection of lovely portable floor lamps to suit every need and fill every room with light and beauty. </p> <p></p>
  • Something Different

    Something Different

    <p>If you are looking to make a statement in s space and draw the eye upwards, a floor lamp that is a little something different is just the ticket. Perfect for lending interest and wonderful illumination, a floor lamp can be placed right where you need light. </p> <p>Our selection of unique floor lamps runs from tripod styles and slender stems with a single bulb to wonderfully twisted styles and even floor chandeliers. </p> <p>We have floor lamps suitable for every room of the home from the bedroom to the living room and beyond. </p> <p> No matter the decorating style there is a lamp at www.netlighting.co.uk to fit right in. One of the wonderful things about different floor lamps is that they can provide ample lighting while saving space. </p> <p>Floor lamps are an excellent way to layer the lighting in any room. Paired with ceiling fixtures and table lamps you can adjust the light to your specifications for any activity or gathering to set the mood. </p> <p>Choose from a wide variety of finishes from the unique floor lamp selection at Netlighting. We have finishes that range from brass and copper to sleek chrome and matte black to pair with or offset your existing finishes. </p> <p>Lend a room a balanced look with two matching floor lamps in either corner. Not only does this provide plenty of illumination it will also give a space a modern appearance that works well with minimalist furnishings. </p> <p>You could also lend instant elegance and elevate the sophistication in a room with a sleek dome-style floor lamp in a beautiful antique brass plate and gloss white. For an industrial look, there are pipe styles and rope designs. </p> <p>Placed next to a desk or chair a unique floor lamp provides beautiful task lighting. The selection of floor lamps for task lighting and ambient lighting at Netlighting is plentiful ensuring you will find a style perfect for your lighting vision. </p> <p>The lighting you choose will define your experience of a room. You don’t need to tear down walls to renew your space. You can experiment with different types of lights in different places. Don’t settle for an uninspired piece; try a unique floor lamp that offers something different that harmonizes with your decor.  Floor lamps don't just bring light into your home, they bring an exciting design element that can become the focal point of the room.</p> <p></p>
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