Outdoor Wall Lights

At Netlighting, we have hand-picked an impressive selection of outdoor wall lights for you to choose from. Outdoor wall lighting can help create a great effect in your garden and whatever your tastes, we have the fitting for you. We stock lights designed by some of the top names in lighting, including both modern and traditional styles. Illuminating your outdoor area no longer means you have to compromise on glamour.


When buying an outdoor wall light, you want to ensure that it will last and is able to stand the force of the elements. To ensure that your light will endure all manner of bad weather, all our fittings are IP rated, an internationally recognised categorisation which guarantees resistance to moisture and water invasion. Rest assured that your fitting will stand the test of time and wear and tear.

Energy Saving

It is very possible that your outdoor wall lights will be left on for lengthy periods of time, and this can really rack up the energy bills. Our range of low energy lights will help you save money whilst protecting the planet. We stock several LED wall lights which have an extremely low rate of energy consumption. Be environmentally friendly and get ready for the future with an energy saving fitting.

If you have any questions about outdoor wall lighting or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!

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  • Bulkheads


    <p>Bulkhead Lights are designed to offer maximum durability and luminosity. They are often used to illuminate areas which require a large amount of brightness. They are very practical fittings, and especially useful for commercial and public spaces. Many industries use these lights to provide highly concentrated light in awkward places. Netlighting’s range aims to cater for all possible uses of these highly sought-after fittings, with a varied assortment carefully selected by our experienced staff.</p> <p><strong>Flexibility</strong><br />Most of our bulkheads can be positioned on either a wall or a ceiling, giving you ultimate flexibility. With the amount of clear light they emit from a rather small fitting, bulkheads are ideal for lighting areas in the home and garden where space is at a premium. Sheds, boathouses, barbecue areas and other similar places can be greatly enhanced with the extra light these products offer.</p> <p><strong>Durability</strong><br />Bulkhead Lights are generally highly resistant to outdoor elements. They are built to be proofed against the most extreme environmental conditions. All the fittings are IP rated, guaranteeing their resistance against the intrusion of dust, water and other elements. Their endurance makes them ideal for lighting highly exposed areas, especially those near water or the sea. Additionally, their brightness makes them perfect for enhancing the security of any particular area.</p> <p>If you have any questions about bulkheads or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!</p>
  • Dome Wall Lights

    Dome Wall Lights

    <p>Add style and interest to the front or the back of your home with outdoor dome wall lights. No matter whether you are looking for a unique fixture to make a statement or a welcoming porch light, Netlighting has many options to meet the challenge! </p> <p>From a modern and sleek model to a classic fisherman style dome light, we have a complete line to fulfil all of your outdoor lighting needs. </p> <p>Choose from a variety of shapes and styles as well as finishes on our site. You will be able to choose from bronze, brass, glass, nickel, white, stainless steel and other finishes to create the perfect look. </p> <p>Outdoor dome wall lights allow you to highlight architectural features on your home and boost your home's overall curb appeal. Lighting creates a warm glow that will welcome friends and family while adding an extra sense of security. </p> <p>At www.netlighting.co.uk we will help to ensure that your home is perfectly illuminated with our selection of exceptional dome wall lights. </p> <p>Whether you want a farmhouse style or a classic look, we have the right fit as well as everything in between. </p> <p>Perfect for flanking both sides of a garage for safe parking at night, dome wall lights are also great for lighting a front or side entrance. </p> <p>Nothing lends a fresh look to your home's exterior like lighting. At Netlighting, we carry a complete line of outdoor lights to refresh any space outside of your home with dome wall lights. They can help make your home more attractive as well as safer for you and your family. </p> <p>Think about where you want to place your dome wall lights and how high you will place them to make just the right choice for your space. For a designer worthy look, the finish on your outdoor dome wall lights should coordinate with your door hardware or existing fixtures. We have a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from, so if you want a dramatic look or just want a simple light to guide the way, you will have plenty of options here. </p> <p></p>
  • Down Lighters

    Down Lighters

    <p>Create the perfect outdoor space with outdoor down lighters. Down lighters are some of the most versatile fixtures types and they are great for lending much-needed light near a garage, garden door or front entrance. The light shines down, as the name implies, sending a warm pool of light downward and outward to guide the way after the sun has set. They are easily adaptable to many situations and are perfect as space savers when space is at a premium. </p> <p>At Netlighting we have a wide variety of down lights available for your outdoor project whether you are looking for something traditional, modern or even industrial in style. </p> <p>We also offer an extensive selection of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. You can pair your front entrance hardware or existing fixtures with bronze, copper, gold, stainless steel, black and many more finishes for the perfect touch. </p> <p>Functional and beautiful, downlights offer a warm welcome to visitors and offer an added layer of protection to your outdoor area. </p> <p>It might be overwhelming at first to look at all the choices available to you in this category but if you have a design style in mind and an idea of what you want your outdoor space to look like you can eliminate many options from the start. Hone in on the finish and style you want and then narrow your choices down further by size and shape. You are sure to find the perfect down light for your project amongst our offerings. </p> <p>For a traditional exterior space choose down lighters that incorporate classic elements such as brushed brass or antique bronze finishes, while a more modern or contemporary look might call for a stainless steel or glass design. </p> <p>At www.netlighting.co.uk you will find weather-resistant materials in a mixture of finishes to illuminate your outdoor space. </p> <p>Other considerations to be mindful of include the lighting needs of the outdoor area as well as the placement. When searching for down lights, keep in mind that walkways and paths may need more light than a front entrance. </p> <p>Lamp options are also a consideration. Netlighting has several lamp options amongst our outdoor down lighter collection. Choose from LED, solar LED, G9, G12 and much more to find the perfect shade and tone of light for your outdoor lighting scheme. </p> <p></p>
  • Globe Wall Lights

    Globe Wall Lights

    <p>A simple orb, fashioned with bulbs to beautifully illuminate your home's exterior. Outdoor globe wall lights are an easy and elegant way to add light right where you need it by a garage, front entrance or side door. Perfect in a pair on either side of a door, globe wall lights can also be used by a garden gate, sliding door or other entrance to welcome guests. </p> <p>The selection of outdoor globe wall lights at www.netlighting.co.uk is carefully curated to offer a mixture of options so that you will find the perfect piece to add beauty and safety to the exterior of your home. </p> <p>Whether you need a black, nickel, silver or white fixture you will be sure to find it here. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to make your outdoor lighting dreams come true. </p> <p>We have upwards globe lights and downwards globe lights as well as styles that are ultra-modern, traditional and everything in between. </p> <p>Browse through our wide selection of styles to add warm illumination to any area of the exterior of your home with ease. </p> <p>Globe wall lights help diffuse lamp light offering instead a soft pool of light to an area resulting in an inviting look. </p> <p>Outdoor wall lighting allows you to highlight the architectural details of your home and boosts your home’s overall curb appeal. </p> <p>Great as an extra layer of security, outside lighting is an important feature. At Netlighting our goal is to provide you with as many options as possible so that you find just the right globe wall light for your outdoor lighting needs. </p> <p>Put together a simple plan for where you would like to place your outdoor globe lights and then decide on the finish you would like. Oftentimes coordinating with existing hardware on doorknobs and other fixtures can guide you in this selection. Then browse through the variety of options here at www.netlighting.co.uk to make your choice. Your home exterior will enjoy an instant refresh and you will look forward to seeing it all lit up after the sun has set for the evening. </p> <p></p>
  • Flush Wall Lights

    Flush Wall Lights

    <p>Whether your look is modern with clean lines, traditional, industrial or something in between, you are sure to find the perfect flush wall light at www.netlighting.co.uk. Our selection offers buyers a wide variety of styles, finish, sizes and shapes in the flush wall light category. </p> <p>Update the look of the exterior of your home with black, white, stainless steel, copper, glass or many other finishes. Our offerings of outdoor flush wall lights also include nautically inspired designs, minimalist fixtures, frosted glass, and so many other options. </p> <p>It is important to have an idea in mind of the placement and use of your outdoor lights when making a selection. Will you be using your flush wall lights to flank a front door or garage? Or will you be using a single fixture by a side door or back entrance for safety? In any case, the selection at Netlighting is large enough to give you several wonderful options for your project. </p> <p>Our outdoor flush mount fixtures are great for smaller spaces thanks to their design, and they offer a low profile if a dramatic look is not what you are seeking. </p> <p>Choose just the right amount of illumination as well. We offer fixtures with a single lamp as well as up to 9 lamps to offer brilliant light. Not only will the exterior of your home enjoy an instant refresh with new fixtures, you will also be adding another level of security by lighting up dark areas, entrances and pathways. </p> <p>In most outdoor living spaces, the presence of a flush wall mount is just one piece of your overall outdoor lighting decor. Look to add other types of outdoor-friendly light fixtures to fully round out your exterior. Flush mount outdoor lighting is a great way to light up your property to make it more secure, especially near doorsteps and entryways, and pathway lights are an excellent way to create a warm welcome. </p> <p></p>
  • Modern Wall Lights

    Modern Wall Lights

    <p>Create a well-designed outdoor living and entertaining space with modern wall lights. Also known as sconces, modern wall lights are versatile in their use and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colours and finishes. </p> <p>Perfect for lighting up a garden or backyard area, modern wall lights are also excellent choices for flanking garage doors or front entrances. Modern outdoor wall lights are great for small spaces or high traffic areas such as pathways, entrances and stairwells if you’re looking to add light, while also saving space. Contemporary wall lights can also portray a sophisticated look to your visitors.</p> <p>Serving as both functional and stylish lighting, outdoor wall lights are ideal for improving visibility in common areas while adding to the aesthetic appeal of modern outdoor spaces.</p> <p>Choosing the perfect outdoor modern light can seem overwhelming, but if you study decorating websites and magazines, you should be able to come up with a rough idea of what you want for your space. And at www.netlighting.co.uk we have an option for every taste level. </p> <p>Choose from brass, bronze, crystal, black and white finishes as well as many others to pair perfectly with your outdoor lighting needs. </p> <p>Netlighting also has various sizes and shapes of modern wall lights to choose from that will harmonize well with the latest in modern trends. These gorgeous wall lights will add modern flair to any space of your exterior.</p> <p>Modern outdoor wall lights can add a touch of an on-trend look to a variety of outdoor spaces from porches and patios to walkways, entrances, and gardens. At www.netlighting.co.uk you are certain to find a piece that will pair well with your modern theme and bring your outdoor area to life. </p> <p>The right modern wall light will not only increase the illumination in your garden or front porch but it will also serve as a lovely, decorative accent. Browse the Netlighting collection of modern outdoor wall lights today to find a beautiful fixture that fits your exterior design style perfectly. </p> <p></p>
  • Recessed Wall Light

    Recessed Wall Light

    <p>Outdoor lighting can be effective as well as practical, and the best way to combine these two features is to purchase a brick light. Usually fitting into a recess in a wall, they can help illuminate a path or merely provide a stunning aesthetic effect. Netlighting’s range includes several modern and traditional designs, which will help make your outdoor space just as stylish as indoors. Brick lights are also useful for commercial and industrial spaces, as they are ideal for lighting up areas which need extra visibility.</p> <p><strong>Durability</strong><br />We at Netlighting understand the importance of durability when it comes to outdoor lighting, and therefore all our brick lights come with an IP rating, guaranteeing their resistance to the elements. You need not worry about moisture or wear and tear affecting your light, as they are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.</p> <p><strong>Energy Saving</strong><br />Outdoor lights tend to be left on for long periods of time, and this can really make the energy bill mount up. However, with Netlighting’s range of low-energy fittings, your brick light can remain illuminated without utilising huge amounts of electricity. We stock LED brick lights, fluorescents, and other similar items, making it easy for you to light up your garden whilst protecting the planet.</p> <p>If you have any questions about these lights or any other products on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you can't find the product you're looking for, we can almost certainly get it for you!</p>
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    Up Down Lighters

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    Wall Lanterns

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