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Flush Wall Lights

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As the name implies flush wall lights sit flush or close to the wall to keep a low profile and use up as little horizontal space as possible. However, their low profile does not mean that flush wall lights are not interesting. Used correctly, flush wall lights can add much-needed light and help layer the lighting in any room. 

 Flush-mount wall lights are typically useful as overall lighting in a small room, task lighting in larger rooms or to fill in spaces that uplights miss.

At you can find flush mount lights to fit nearly any lighting project imaginable. For targeted task lighting, a three-light flush mount does the trick. Add elegance to your entry space with a flush-mounted chandelier, or go all out in a small powder room with a sparkling crystal flush mount wall light that bounces light around the room. Glass shades soften and diffuse a lamp while fabric shades direct the light up and down for a subtle spotlight effect. 

Whether you’re replacing existing fixtures or adding some much-needed task lighting to what is already there, flush mount lighting is available in every size, shape and finish you can dream up. Choose from a huge variety of finishes from chrome, glass, wood, bronze, white and much more at Complement the decor of any room perfectly with a wide variety of styles as well. Contemporary, classic, retro, industrial, ornate, and others are sure to please and fill a space perfectly. 

Flush wall lights pair beautifully with hanging lights, adding a little variety while providing a rich palette of layered light.

When installing flush mount wall lights remember that upward-facing sconces should be approximately 50 cm from the ceiling. Since they are throwing light upwards, such fixtures can accentuate the beauty of a ceiling. For bedside fixtures, make sure that the light is at eye level when you sit on the bed. For smaller designs (typically used in bathrooms next to the mirror), they should be mounted according to the user’s height.

No matter the style, size or location you choose for your flush mounted wall lights they are sure to look wonderful and lend interest and excitement to any design scheme. Not only will they lend gorgeous light to any setting they will add interest and a designer worthy touch to an interior. Take your time and check out all the options at Netlighting to find the perfect fixture. 

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