Task Floor Lamps

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Task lighting certainly doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But have no fear, task lighting, as with all lighting, becomes much more interesting here at Netlighting. 

As the name implies, task lighting offers direct lighting right where it is needed for work of any sort. The unsung heroes of any lighting plan, task lighting provides much-needed illumination for the task at hand. However, task lighting does not have to be boring or commercial-style lighting. Oh no, quite the opposite. Task lighting comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes to coordinate with your decor wonderfully. 

Task lighting floor lamps provide both direct task lighting and widespread ambient lighting to suit every need in any space. Aim light right where you need it with a functional and versatile task light floor lamp. Many styles have adjustable arms to lower and raise the light as needed. 

The general style of a task light floor lamp is pretty straightforward. Situated on a sturdy base, a task lamp floor lamp has a tall stem that extends from the base to a light that is either attached to the base or on an adjustable arm that extends from the stem. Each style of course has its details and design to recommend it, making the process of choosing a new task light floor lamp a fun and fulfilling job. 

Not only can you choose the design of your new floor lamp you can also choose the perfect finish at www.netlighting.com. As always we offer a wide variety of finishes to pair with your existing decor perfectly. There is white, silver, chrome, antique brass, copper, and many other finishes to choose from. Select the most prominent finish in your room and go with that finish for your new task floor lamp to keep the look consistent and pulled together. Too many finishes in one space can look confused and chaotic. 

Now that you have the finish make sure the space for your task light is ample for the size. If you want to raise or lower the light or move from one side to another, you will need to have enough space to do these things. 

A task light floor lamp is a wonderful way to layer the lighting look in a living area, bedroom, or entertaining space. Paired with overhead lighting and table lamps a task floor lamp is another element to adjust the lighting according to the needs of the moment. 

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