Glass & Crystal Lamps

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Crystal glass is known for its ability to dazzle and bring undeniable brilliance and elegance to any space. Perfect when paired with a floor lamp design, crystal becomes an elegant and eye-catching way to lend sophistication to a decorating style. 

Aside from providing beautiful light to your home, a crystal floor lamp can elevate the aesthetic in any space simply by being there. 

Living rooms, bedrooms, and entertaining areas can all benefit from the addition of a stylish crystal floor lamp. 

At we have a wide variety of styles to choose from in this category. There are simple and sleek crystal floor lamps as well as ornate and over-the-top floor crystal floor lamps. Depending on your needs you are sure to find just the right fit for your style and personality. 

A little bit of extra sparkle and illumination in any room will draw the eye and lend a wonderful focal point to a decorating style. 

Crystal floor lamps provide the look of a chandelier with the versatility of a floor lamp. Sometimes crystal floor lamps are even referred to as chandelier floor lamps due to their chandelier style. 

Crystal floor lamps are wonderful to use in many situations. The crystal reflects the light beautifully and does a terrific job of creating sparkle so that your floor lamp lights up a dim space in a magical and enchanting way. 

When choosing a crystal floor lamp keep in mind how prominent you want the crystals to be. Some floor lamps have crystals that dangle while others have the crystals incorporated into the shade for a more subdued effect. It's really about your style when choosing a crystal floor lamp that is right for your space. 

Select from a variety of finishes to pair with your existing decor. There are chrome, gold, copper, nickel, white, and many more finishes to choose from so that you can create a cohesive and pulled-together look in any room with your new crystal floor lamp. 

Place a crystal floor lamp on a console table or buffet with a pair of crystal floor lamps to lend a sophisticated touch to a space or place one next to a chair or sofa as an elegant reading lamp. 

No matter where you use your new floor lamp it will adjust the right amount of radiance and lovely illumination to space to finish off your decor perfectly. 

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