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Switches, sockets, and electrical accessories can be often overlooked when planning a lighting scheme but they play a very important part. These functional pieces of hardware allow you to light, ventilate and power your appliances. Advances in technology are giving outlets and sockets exciting new abilities! 

The outlet and switch category includes screwless switches and sockets, curved edge switches and sockets, flat plate switches and sockets, raised edge switches and sockets, square edge switches and sockets, weatherproof, metal-clad, grid wiring accessories, USB charging products, specialty sockets, and pull cords. It's everything you need to install your new fixtures or connect them to a power source. 

As with everything else at www.netlighting.co.uk, there is a wide variety to choose from to suit your tastes perfectly. If you need a plain white switch, brushed chrome, polished brass, or pearl finished plate you will find it here. 

Who knew there were so many choices for switches and sockets? Now you get to design your lighting look right down to the smallest detail. Do you want a slightly rounded edge on your switch or do you prefer a square edge? Do you want your switch plate to blend with your wall colour or are you looking for something to pop against the wall? You can even add a touch of glamour with polished chrome or black nickel finish. Maybe you need a metal-clad switch for a business or industrial setting? It's all here. 

If you prefer a very unobtrusive, streamlined look there are screwless switches as well. No hardware to be seen other than the plate and the switch for a seamless look. 

If you need wiring accessories or specialty sockets to install your lighting we have what you need right here at www.netlighting.co.uk. 

Need sockets with USB charging capabilities? We have those as well. You will find a wide variety of options for USB sockets with switches, including room for 2 or 4 USB-powered devices. Useful for offices, business and more, these sockets are becoming more popular as the use of technology increases. 

Pull cords for fixtures are likewise available at Netlighting. Also offered in a variety of finishes you will find pull cords for every room of the home. 

Look to Netlighting to serve all of your lighting needs from indoor and outdoor lighting to ceiling fixtures and floor and table lamps as well as all the accessories you need to fulfill your lighting dreams! 

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