Children's lighting

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Add a colourful and whimsical touch to a child's bedroom with specific children's lighting. Designed in vivid colours and creative forms these special lights are a surefire way to brighten up a kids bedroom for fun, playtime and relaxing. 

A pendant light style is an easy way to add light and keep the look clean and simple. For cloudy days and evening time, a colourful pendant not only brightens a child's bedroom wonderfully it adds a sense of fun to make the day seem less dreary. 

Choose from several playful styles of children's lighting at We have delightful options for princesses and truck lovers as well as abstract designs. 

Kids will love having their very own child themed lighting fixture. Colourful and bright, a playful fixture is an easy way to turn a regular bedroom into a fun and merry space. 

Select from several fresh designs including a cherry-red fire engine, a bright blue aeroplane complete with a passenger, a pretty in pink princess carriage and a hardworking yellow bulldozer. Creative and brightly coloured these fixtures are sure to change the look in any child's room turning it into a welcoming space for play and more. 

There are also more abstract designs with Arabic numerals to engage and encourage little minds as well as a brightly coloured abstract fixture suitable for a young child's bedroom. 

There are a few options for teens and pre-teens such as a primary coloured ceiling fixture with 6 lamps and a 4 lamp option, too. 

If you are just looking for a small accent piece there is a pink flower light perfect for a mirror. 

All of these adorable creations and more are available to add to your child's bedroom and create an inviting space that is all their own. 

For a large room, you could even add multiple ceiling pendant fixtures for a very whimsical effect. Not only will multiple fixtures add wonderful illumination they could also further the decoration theme in a bedroom. 

You and your child will have lots of fun picking out a new fixture together from the options here at Netlighting. Our children's lights offer a lovely, warm light, not harsh light. 

You can also layer the look in a child's bedroom or playroom with other fixtures to balance an overhead pendant. A table lamp (out of reach from baby, of course) is a nice way to offer illumination when paired with a fun pendant light. 

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