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Globe Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Lighting is an integral feature that helps set the tone in a room and shows off how everything looks in a space. When choosing a fixture, you have to keep in mind the mood you are trying to create, the style of the space as well as your taste, budget and overall project. Netlighting has a wide variety of lighting options available one of which are beautiful globe pendant lights. As the name implies these particular fixtures are pendant lights that hang from the ceiling similar to a pendant on a necklace. A globe encases the bulb with an elegant sphere usually, but not always, made out of glass. And as you have probably surmised, globe pendant lights, like most other lighting options, come in a variety of styles, colours and materials. So how do you choose just the right globe pendant light for your home? Ceiling lights are wonderful for both task lighting and ambient light and a globe pendant is an excellent choice for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or front entryway as well as many other spaces. You will find Netlighting offers a selection of traditional style clear glass globe pendant lights as well as opaque, crackle glass, metal and more material to pair with your interior. Some globes surround the bulb to offer beautiful diffuse lighting while others are open at the bottom to shine brilliant light just where you need it. No matter which style you choose, your globe pendant light is sure to offer an interesting focal point and light up a room wonderfully. When selecting your globe pendant light be sure to take into account the size of the globe, the hanging height as well as the wattage and placement location. You don't want a fixture that is too bright and overpower a small space and similarly, you don't want a too small globe pendant light in a large space. The location is important for many reasons but also access to a globe pendant light is important as you may need to occasionally clean the globe and will want easy access. Whether your style is casual and carefree or more traditional and sophisticated you are sure to find the ideal globe pendant light at for all of your decorating needed.

Simple yet elegant Globe Ceiling Lights are a classic choice for any home interior style. They add warmth, ample light in just the right spot while adding to the overall beauty and functionality of a room. 

Globe ceiling lights are exactly what their name implies, orb-shaped lights that lean towards the contemporary but look equally stunning in any setting. 

Impressive and fresh they cast just the right amount of illumination over a work area, dining table or whatever else may be beneath them. 

Try a globe ceiling fixture over a console table in an entryway or scatter them around to create wonderful pools of light throughout a space. 

When selecting a globe fixture for your home, find a colour and style that complements your existing decor. An ornate pendant will draw the eye while a simpler style will blend with your decor while adding just the right amount of light and visual interest. 

Dining rooms are a wonderful space to try out a globe fixture and lend a modern look. Instead of a traditional chandelier, a cluster of globe fixtures may be the way to go for an entry new approach. Or hang a single globe over a round or smallish table if space is at a premium. 

Globe light fixtures are also wonderful as reading lights. They can be suspended over a comfortable reading chair or desk to create the perfect nook.  

Netlighting aims to take the stress out of lighting choices by offering a well-chosen variety of fixtures that will pair well with many decorating schemes. 

Install any of our globe fixtures in a foyer, living area, dining room or other room wherever else it's important to add light for work, play and family time.

Globe light fixtures are extremely versatile and they play well with others, so you can mix and match fixtures and other sources of light in a room to create your own style. Shop the selection of good looking globe lights fixtures at to find just the right one for your needs and decor. 

Choose from more than 150 Globe pendants in a variety of styles, colours and materials. Items in stock and ready for immediate despatch.

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