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Table Lamps with Shades

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A table lamp with a shade sometimes becomes just a part of the furniture in a room. Something that is there but not looked at or appreciated. Change that attitude and lend not only beautiful illumination to a room but add style, flair, and colour as well with a well-chosen table lamp. 

Perfect as task lighting a table lamp with a shade is an easy way to shine a light on any subject. Table lamps with dark, opaque shades will focus the light down, giving you a direct beam right where you need it. A stylish table lamp right beside a sofa or chair or on a desk is a great location for this type of task lighting. 

Elegant table lamps with shades also work well as decorative lighting in a room. In particular lamps with translucent shades such as linen or silk cast a general, diffused glow that works beautifully for accent lighting. 

At you will find table lamps with shades to fit in perfectly with the decor of any room. Whether you need contemporary designs, modern styles, or something in between, we have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes for all of your lighting needs. 

Our selection runs from sleek polished nickel lamps with rectangular shades to Asian-inspired British bronze table lamps with classic shades as well as a Mid Century Modern style with a linen drum shade and everything in-between. 

Table lamps are not only lovely to look at and cast beautiful light, but they are also very versatile. Don't just think of a shaded table lamp as a fixture for a side table or bedside table, think of them as decorative accessories for anywhere in your home. 

A petite table lamp would be charming on a kitchen counter for a warm glow for example. You can use table lamps anywhere there is surface space to place one. Table lamps with shades are sure to become your new best friends as soon as you see how pretty they look in a variety of spaces. 

Much more flattering, the light from a table lamp tends to be less harsh than overhead lighting and with just a few flicks of a switch, you can have a well-lit room with decorator flair thanks to the addition of a couple of well-placed table lamps with shades. 

Find the perfect piece from our selection of chrome, coloured, bronze, and more from our wide selection of table lamps as well as modern, traditional, rustic, or vintage-inspired styles. 

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