Tiffany Wall Lights

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Instantly recognizable Tiffany wall lights make a stunning alternative to traditional wall lights. Crafted with brilliant colours and unique mosaic designs these iconic fixtures cast wonderful light wherever they are placed. 

Tiffany-style wall lights are designed similarly to the original Tiffany lamps featuring the mosaic stained-glass design but not carrying the hefty price tags associated with an authentic Tiffany lamp. Wall lights provide lighting to small spaces or to help layer the lighting in a large room. Common places to hang a Tiffany-style wall lamp are in hallways, entryways, bathrooms, and over bedside tables. The unique design of these lights helps create a refined and elegant look that goes well with just about any existing home decor.

At we have many styles of Tiffany wall lights in colours that range from earthy browns, golds and oranges to brilliant blues and rosy reds. They are available in abstract and classic designs that include dragonflies, flowers and leaves as well as art deco-inspired designs. 

Choose from Tiffany wall lights that cast light downwards or upwards depending on your lighting needs. They are a lovely way to add to existing light in a space and layer the lighting along with ceiling fixtures, lamps or chandeliers. 

There are many styles, shapes and sizes of Tiffany wall lights to choose from at Netlighting. Knowing what you are looking for can make the search easier and more enjoyable. Also think about where the light will be hung, what is the existing design of the room is and what colours you want present in your Tiffany wall light. Consider shapes, sizes and designs as well so that the finished result is as close to your vision as possible. 

Tiffany wall lights will be equally stunning in an entryway, living room or bedroom. They are the perfect choice for warm and lovely light to welcome guests into your home in the entryway or to guide the way in a hallway. Use them in pairs to flank a mirror in a bathroom or in a living area to reflect beautiful light. Or use a Tiffany wall light as an accent on a wall in a small space to banish the shadows. 

There are many styles of lights to choose from, and knowing what you are looking for before you go shopping can make selecting a lamp much easier. 

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