Lanterns Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Lantern light fixtures have come a long way from seaworthy styles filled with whale oil for light on sea voyages. Your choices in lantern-style fixtures are as wide as the deep blue seat at with choices ranging from very traditional styles to ultra-modern designs to suit every taste level. 

A lantern light allows you to express your style in large or small spaces in gorgeous finishes such as aged zinc, chrome and glass, French gold or polished brass. The sizes range from petite lanterns for cosy spots to multi-light lanterns to illuminate long kitchen islands, workspaces and dining tables. 

Our comprehensive selection of lantern styles will help to make your home as unique as you are! Use these stunning fixtures in foyers, over kitchen islands in multiples, in hallways, bathrooms, or just about anywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes including circles, squares, globes, rectangles and squares. 

Modern lantern lights can enhance your decor and add to a home's charm. Lovely above a favourite chair for reading they can also be suspended above a coffee table or a front entryway console table to greet family and friends with a welcoming glow. 

Lanterns are incredibly versatile and can be adjusted for height to find the perfect length for your needs. Use a beautiful lantern in any setting, style, theme or room for an instant update and a much-needed light. 

Based on traditional hanging lanterns that have been used for years in covered porches, entry areas and kitchens, lanterns now hold energy-efficient bulbs rather than candles to light the way. Scroll through the multitude of designs and styles at to find the perfect piece for your interior. 

Pair the finish with other fixtures in your space or go for an all-glass or crystal version to lend dazzling light. Bronze, satin nickel and black are just some of the finish choices we have available as well as globe styles and traditional lantern styles to minimalist designs. Change the look in any room without a major overhaul with the simple addition of an eye catching lantern style fixture. 

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