13A 2G DP Switched Socket with dual USB [FASTCHARGE] A+C - Anthracite 230V IP20

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Great for Offices, Home Offices, Café’s, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hospitality areas anywhere where someone might need a FASTCHARGE i.e., grab a coffee 30 mins later you have 50% charge Knightsbridge FASTCHARGE USB sockets can deliver a 0-50% charge in under 30 minutes with compatible devices. FASTCHARGE is achieved by the intelligent switching of voltages between 5V to up to 12V to optimize and deliver the maximum input your device can handle. Your device decides how much power it’s going to draw down. Devices that support QC3.0 (many Android based devices) can use the USB-A port to achieve up to 18W. Devices that support USB-PD (many Android based devices and iPhone8 or above) can use the USB-C port to achieve up to 18W. If a legacy device does not support these then up to 10W can be achieved from the USB-A port, or up to 15W from the USB-C port Features - Double pole switches provide additional safety - Twin earthing points for high integrity earthing requirements - Constructed from high quality components and materials to ensure the longevity of the install - Fully certified to the latest British Safety Standards Benefits - Over Voltage Category III – suitable for domestic and commercial installations - Built in overheat and overload protection - ErP Ready (0.1W in stand-by mode) WE RECOMMEND ONLY USING CERTIFIED USB CABLES FOR SAFETY, OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE AND TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY IMPORTANT: THE DEVICE CONTROLS THE POWER BEING DRAWN, NOT THE SOCKET MOST COMPATIBLE DEVICES WILL ONLY ACTIVATE FASTCHARGE BETWEEN 0-70% BATTERY POWER. AFTER THIS IT WILL REVERT TO STANDARD CHARGING PARAMETERS TO PROTECT BATTERY
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Technical Specifications

Item Number
Premium Grade Steel
IP Rating
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Projection (cm)
Class I
Weight (kg)
Recess Depth (cm)
2.5-3.5 (dependent on wiring conditions)
Height Range (cm)
0 - 20
13A Sockets + Dual USB