Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With Stunning Garden Lights

Posted on3 Months ago

One of the most lovely things about Christmas is having beautiful outdoor lights that create a magical atmosphere in the dark evenings. Most of us love walking around our streets and looking at people’s bright festive displays.

However, having lights in your garden can be helpful all year round, whether it’s for security’s sake or simply for aesthetic reasons. You might want to use them to illuminate walkways or garden paths, so you can stroll in your garden at any time of the day. Or perhaps you want to have lights which illuminate your patio and are great for evening garden parties.

Thanks to the introduction of solar powered LED lights, it’s never been more affordable to have garden lighting. Whatever your exact requirements, Netlighting has an excellent range to choose from. We also have heaters which come with amazing features, like bluetooth speakers.

How to pick the right lights for your outdoor space. 

Choosing garden lights involves considering various factors such as functionality, style, and energy efficiency. 

Here are the many types of lights commonly installed in gardens:

  • Pathway lights which brighten walkways or garden paths at dusk and night.

  • Accent lights which are wonderful for highlighting features like trees, statues or architectural decorations.

  • Floodlights and spotlights provide bright illumination for larger areas or specific points.

  • String lights that provide a magical decorative touch to outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking for lighting for your decking, our recessed lights are competitively priced and reliable. This range includes the Verona Outdoor Modern Wall Lamp in Brushed Silver with frosted glass by Merano Lighting.


What kind of power sources can I use for garden lights?

Solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective, since these lights rely on sunlight for power. This makes sense when they’re outdoors permanently. 

Using a transformer can also provide a consistent, safe, and energy-efficient option. With a line voltage, you directly connect to the electrical grid so you can provide stronger light, although this might require professional installation.

Some lights require professional installation, while others are simple enough for a DIY project. This is something to consider when you’re looking for new products.

Find lights that reflect the style and design of your garden.

Netlighting has garden lights that complement all kinds of landscapes, with various designs available, including wall, ground and display lights. All our products can use LED lights which are much more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

All our lights are made from durable, weatherproof materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. Stainless steel, brass, and high-quality plastics are some of the most popular materials. 

Another thing to look at is the brightness and colour temperature ( warm white, cool white). This will help you create the ambiance you’re after. 

Our products include a range of outdoor lights in a variety of styles.

Merano Lighting's Potenza Outdoor Wall Lantern is a stunning addition to any exterior space. Available in elegant finishes like Brushed Silver and Matt Black, this lantern effortlessly combines style and functionality. Its clear glass panels not only add a touch of sophistication but also allow the warm glow of the light to shine through, creating a welcoming ambiance. 


Whatever your budget, Netlighting has garden lights that are affordable without compromising quality and durability.

You might want to use a mix of different types of lights, to create a stunning lighting scheme for your garden. Rated highly by our previous customers, we love providing high quality lighting for both the indoors and outdoors of your home.

If you need expert help, our team can help you find lighting solutions which reflect your exact requirements. 

Check out our latest collection of garden lighting. Or simply get in touch for more information.