Surface Mounted Downlights

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Surface-mounted downlights are common fixtures to use

when your outdoor ceiling area has no cavity space or area where a hole can be created. Outdoor spaces with concrete ceilings are a common spot for surface mounted downlights to achieve downward illumination similar to recessed or can lights. 

Mounted to the surface of the ceiling these figures are

perfect for casting light on outdoor areas such as walkways, gazebos, grilling areas and covered pool areas. 

Modern and streamlined, these fixtures from are available in finishes from black or white to brass or anthracite to complement any outdoor space perfectly.  

They also come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes to

achieve a contemporary or industrial look. Surface-mounted downlights can also be used in a traditional aesthetic for a more updated look. 

Some downlights even come with sensors so that they are activated by motion for safety. 

Surface mounted downlights are different to recessed mounted downlights.

Choose the perfect surface mounted downlight from our extensive options at Netlighting to ensure that your outdoor area is illuminated exactly to your specifications whether for entertaining or safety or both. A well-lighted

home not only welcomes and family it may also deter prowlers. Use a surface-mounted fixture at the entrance to a garden area to light the way or use several in a covered walkway or path area. They are also terrific for drawing the eye and creating visual impact over a dining

table or outdoor seating area so that you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors even if the sun has long since set. 

Outdoor lighting can address and improve exterior home security and safety.

Shining light from above, surface mounted downlights are great for illuminating covered porches, entryways and veranda areas. Ceiling and fixtures are also a wonderful way to showcase dining and seating areas.

Light up your home with one or more surface mounted downlights. You can think of them as accessories for your ceiling. Due to their more noticeable styles, they are a great way to add a bit of gleam and glam to add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor decor. 

No matter what style or finish you choose for your surface mounted downlights, you are sure to enjoy the effect on your exterior. 


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