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Show off your style beautifully with a table lamp that is a little something different. Perfect for lighting up a traditional space or a modern space, a unique table lamp is an easy way to add flair to any space. 

Whether you want a small table lamp to lend ambient light or a large table lamp to illuminate an open area you have come to the right place to find something different than the usual. 

Our selection of unusual table lamps at Netlighting does double duty to provide ample lighting as well as a visual accent for a room. A table lamp allows you to lend portable light wherever you need it, on a desk, side table, bedside table, entry table, or dining buffet. A well-chosen table lamp will also bring decorative appeal through the use of colour, design, shape, or theme. 

We offer a wide assortment of unique table lamps at so you can find just the right piece. There are a large variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes to choose from to match your existing decor perfectly. Select the most prominent finish in your space to choose the finish on your table lamp. No matter if you need gold, brass, chrome, steel, glass, or shiny nickel we have the ideal table lamp finish for you. 

For a contemporary space look for table lamps with clean, unfussy lines in geometric shapes. Think glass, concrete, wood, and metallic materials. If your taste leans more towards industrial style then look for vintage gears, steel pipes, or tripod bases. If you like a traditional look then check out table lamps in the shape of decorative vases or bottles as well as gold, bronze, or silver finishes. 

We also offer a selection of whimsical table lamps in black in white stripes, caged shapes, orb designs, and much more to make a truly unique statement in your space. Novelty themes such as turtles, butterflies, frogs, and more come into play in this category as well. 

With a unique table lamp, you can infuse your space with so many wonderful details. You can incorporate new materials such as wood, cork, metal, glass, or crystal as well as a wide variety of styles to add flair to any decorating scheme. 

These versatile lamps can be used for so many things from task lighting and bedside reading to display lamps and buffet lighting. 

Enjoy our wide selection of different lamps and have fun defining or redefining your style! 

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