Surface Mounted Downlights

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Surface-mounted downlights are an excellent way to illuminate any area of your home. Use them to create zones or to navigate around spaces as well as to highlight pieces of art. Surface-mounted downlights also work well for task lighting in a kitchen or home office. 

Surface-mounted downlights are exactly what the name implies, fixtures flush-mounted directly on the ceiling. There is no need to cut out holes, just mount the fixture to your ceiling. 

Combine surface mounted downlights with other types of lighting such as table lamps, wall sconces or pendants for a beautifully layered lighting scheme. 

At we have an extensive selection of surface-mounted downlights designed to suit every decorating need from classic designs in gleaming chrome or brass to more ornate fixtures in glass and crystal. No matter what style you are looking for, Netlighting is sure to have it. Choose from modern styles to chandelier styles to lend interest and illumination to any space. 

Available in a wide variety of finishes you will find surface mounted downlights in white, black, chrome, gold, nickel wood and many other tones and hues. Coordinate your new surface mounted downlight fixtures to your existing finishes for a polished and pulled-together look. 

These fixtures are ideal for areas that have little space for recessed lighting. 

Use a surface mounted downlight in a kitchen to highlight the inside of the cabinets or workspace. In a living area using a surface mounted downlight over a mantel or coffee table. These versatile fixtures can be placed just about anywhere for lovely illumination. 

You can choose from inconspicuous, sleek surface mounted downlights at or you can go for more eye-catching styles as well as everything in between. 

Since surface mounted downlights sit right on top of the surface they can be more decorative than recessed lights. 

Take into account the area you want to install your next fixture and whether you want to use it for task lighting or to highlight architectural features such as a mantel. Then you can choose the correct fixture accordingly and enjoy beautiful light right where you want it. 

Surface-mounted downlights are just one component of a well lit home. Use them to complement other fixtures and light sources to set the mood and tone in any space. Have fun with your lighting choices and take your time looking through all the wonderful options we have here at Netlighting. 

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