Candle Wall Lights

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Add beautiful warm candle-like light to your home with candle wall lighting. There’s nothing like great lighting to spruce up a dull or boring room. Lighting is often overlooked by homeowners, new and old, but fortunately, that can be easily rectified. Lighting is moderately easy to install and change giving you almost immediate satisfaction. 

Pendant lamps and chandeliers tend to get all the attention while the classic yet demure candle wall lights are oftentimes overlooked. 

But just because they can be overlooked doesn't mean they are any less impactful or beautiful. A candle wall light offers a delicate balance between form and function and requires very little effort or wall space. 

Candle wall lights are appropriate for almost every room of the home. Finished in gleaming gold, silver, chrome, white, walnut, black or polished brass a wall-mounted candle light can elevate the style and beauty of a space instantly. 

Use candle light fixtures to layer the lighting in a room. Wall lights can be used alongside recessed lights, pendant lights, lamps and other fixtures to create the right amount of illumination for any time of day or activity. 

Beautiful candle wall lights are ideal for high ceilinged living spaces as well as large corridors. 

Wall sconces can be used singly or in pairs. Next to a bed side to cast a lovely glow a pair of candle wall lights can also be used in a powder room or front entryway to flank a mirror and reflect beautiful light. Lend light to a work of art in a living area with candle wall lights or use them to guide the way in a hallway. 

You will enjoy the warm glow of flickering candles wherever you place these lovely fixtures. Netlighting has a vast array of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from to suit every project. 

Candle wall lights are also excellent for providing task lighting at a desk or work area. You can even create a comfortable reading nook with an elegant wall candle light. 

There is no shortage of applications for hanging and enjoying candle wall lights to add a warm and inviting look to any space. 

Task, ambient, and accent lighting styles work to create balance and functionality in a room. Depending on where they are placed, candle wall lights can fit into all three categories. Let the options at bring your lighting visions to life. 

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