Spotlight Clusters

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Give the lighting in your home an instant update with versatile spotlight clusters. Spotlights and directional lighting in any room to create light where it is most needed with beautiful results. 

Lighting is often an overlooked element in decorating but when done correctly it can add so much to a space. Lighting clusters help use lighting to create warm landscapes and add interest to an area. 

Whether you are using ceiling or wall mount spotlight clusters you can light up an area just the way you want and even waterfall the light down a stairwell for a unique touch. 

Ceiling mount spotlight clusters are especially useful as task lighting in a kitchen, workroom or home office. Perfect for illuminating a counter, island or desk they offer bright, focused task lighting right where you need it. Spotlight clusters are also a practical solution in low ceiling rooms. 

At Netlighting you will find a wide variety of spotlight clusters ideal for any lighting project. We offer options in wall and ceiling mount styles as well as a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles. No matter where you want to add spotlight clusters we have the fixture for you. 

Coordinate your new spotlight cluster with your existing finishes, we offer fixtures in bronze copper, black, brushed steel, white and many other colours to match perfectly. 

You can even choose the number of spotlights you want in your cluster from 2 on up to add light just where it is wanted. 

Our choices for spotlight clusters include modern styles as well as retro and more traditional styles to suit any decorating style. 

Great for adding light to any room, spotlights clusters can be redirected as needed in case you move furniture around or want to change the lighting for a party or to show off artwork. 

Spotlight clusters are a wonderful way to provide uniform lighting across all areas of a room including lighting up shadowy corners or dark nooks.

They can also be grouped together to achieve different lighting effects in a room. Choose different beam angles to direct light in many directions to create just the right lighting effect. 

Spotlight clusters are an excellent way to lend light to a space and layer a lighting look. When paired with other light sources such as table lamps, wall sconces and more you can set the tone and mood for any activity easily and beautifully. 

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