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Spotlight Bars

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Spotlight bars are perfect for new construction homes as well as for renewed spaces in an existing home. Wonderfully versatile, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and designs to suit any home interior. 

Spotlight bars can run along a hallway ceiling to illuminate artwork or in a kitchen space to light an island or countertop work area. 

You can even position bar spotlights in a closet to aim the light on shelves, clothing and racks. 

Bar spotlights are an especially wonderful way to highlight a large collection of artwork hung over a mantel or on a wall since the heads can be adjusted to point to specific areas on the display. 

At Netlighting we have a wide variety of bar spotlights to choose from including designs with 1 or 2 lights or up to 9 or more lights depending on your needs. You can easily adjust each head to aim wherever you need beautiful illumination in any area. 

Bar spotlights are very versatile since they come in a wide array of sizes allowing for various placements within a room. If you like to arrange furniture in a room it's no problem with bar spotlights, they can easily be readjusted to get the light back right where you need it. 

There are a wide variety of finishes to choose from in the bar spotlighting category as well. Choose from finishes in black, white, chrome, copper, nickel, silver and more to pair perfectly with your existing finishes. Choose white fixture heads to blend into a ceiling or choose silver or black heads to make a statement. 

Bar spotlights are often used in workspaces or kitchen areas for task and surface lighting. They can also be used in a bathroom to light up a mirror or bathtub for beauty and safety. Bar spotlights can even be used in a bedroom or living area to light up a favourite feature or architectural element. 

Light up a dark hallway or office or lend a cosy look to a living room with easy to use bar spotlights. Since they can be repositioned at any point you can play around with the effect to create just the right mood in any setting. Bar spotlights are a terrific way to layer the lighting in a space. Paired with pendants, table lamps for sconces you can adjust the lighting as desired for entertaining or relaxing and so much more.  

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