Twin Spotlight

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You can manipulate light to create almost any effect that you want and with twin spotlights, that task is even easier. Use indoor twin spotlights to highlight a painting or other work of art, light up a mantel and fireplace area or simply wash a wall and ceiling with light to make a room appear larger. 

There are a wide variety of applications for twin spotlights just as there are a wide variety of options in designs, finishes and sizes of twin spotlights at, 

Choose from finishes that include brushed steel, chrome, black, bronze, brown and many others to pair with your existing finishes perfectly. 

There are also many design styles to choose from including ultra-modern twin spotlights to retro styles and more traditional styles. No matter what type of twin spotlight you are looking for you are sure to find the deal fixture here. 

Use versatile twin spotlights in any room of your home for ambient lighting or task lighting. Use a twin spotlight to place emphasis on focal points or attract attention away from a particular point or corner in your home. 

Vary the brightness of your twin spotlight depending on the amount of light you want in a room. Softer lighting equals a calming atmosphere while brighter lighting is terrific for high traffic areas. 

Easily define a specific area or workspace such as a desk or counter to navigate by. When using twin spotlights for task lighting the light should be 3 times brighter than the rest of the light in a room to be effective. 

Lend a wonderful shimmer to a room with spotlights used as accent lighting on paintings and sculptures. Twin spotlights offer the option to light up one area beautifully or position the spotlights in different directions to spread the illumination around. 

Twin spotlights can be used for downlighting in a large area since it spreads light over a wider area or use them to highlight a specific area with the narrow beam from a spotlight. 

Spotlights are a wonderful way to layer the lighting in a room. Pair them with table lamps, pendant lights and more to create just the right mood and look for any space. You can adjust the lights as needed for various activities. 

Twin spotlights are an easy way to illuminate any space from a home office, kitchen, bedroom or living area. Use them in a variety of ways to highlight a space and lend beauty to your existing lighting scheme. 

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