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ou may think of outdoor lighting or the theatre when you hear the term spotlight but single indoor spotlights are versatile fixtures for inside the home, too. 

Firstly establish what you would like to accomplish with an indoor spotlight and how to integrate them with your existing lighting scheme. Do you want to highlight a work of art such as a painting or statue or are there architectural elements inside your home that you would like to highlight? Indoor spotlights have varying uses to illuminate just about anything in your home and help layer a lighting look in any room. 

At Netlighting you will find a wide variety of indoor single spotlights to choose from including an abundance of styles, designs, finishes and sizes. 

No matter what finish you are looking for from brass or brushed steel to aluminium or nickel, Netlighting has an option for you. Pair your new spotlight with the existing finishes in your space to create a polished and pulled-together look. 

Most of our single spotlights styles are adjustable allowing you to position the light right where you need it. There are even clips on styles so that you can move the light around as needed. 

There is also a wide assortment of designs to choose from sleek and ultra-modern to retro styles as well as everything in between. 

You can even make a small room seem larger with well placed single spotlights. A spotlight pointed upwards will grow in size washing across the ceiling resulting in the impression of a larger room. 

If you are highlighting a painting, position the spotlight at a 30-degree angle from the piece to help reduce glare. Add 5 degrees to the angle for a larger frame to avoid casting a shadow or reduce by 5 degrees if you want to accent the texture of a painting. 

Ceiling spotlights are great for accent lighting while directional spotlights allow you to add layers to a space by directing the light at certain objects. 

From diminutive single spotlight styles to light up artwork to a larger single spotlight to wash a wall with light and make a room shine, Netlighting has it all and more. 

Single spotlights are a terrific way to layer the lighting in any space so that you can adjust the illumination depending on the time of day or what is going on from watching TV or reading to entertaining friends. 

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