Tiffany Ceiling Lights

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Perfect for a low ceiling, a Tiffany-style flush or semi-flush mount fixture is just the ticket. Colourful, elegant and unique Tiffany ceiling light lends art, grace and beauty in a dining room, foyer, living space or other room. Created from beautiful stained glass soldered together to create an eye-catching design such as butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, or a geometric pattern, a Tiffany style fixture is an easy way to lend flair to a decorating style. 

The light that shines through the coloured glass is warm and lovely, excellent for creating a cosy setting. 

Welcome guests to your home with a semi-flush mount Tiffany fixture in an entryway or light the way in a hallway with a flush mount Tiffany fixture. They create a friendly light wherever you place them. 

At Netlighting, you will find a large selection of Tiffany ceiling fixtures for your next lighting project. Available in several designs, patterns, sizes and shapes, you will be sure to find the perfect piece that speaks to you and fulfils your vision. 

Ideal for lending a vintage touch, Tiffany fixtures are known for their bright colours that demand attention. They will brighten any room and become a favourite showpiece with their multi-coloured illumination shining in all directions. 

A tiffany-style ceiling fixture makes a statement of classic style that is sure to catch the eye of friends and family. 

Instantly upgrade a room or workspace with an elegant Tiffany fixture. The colour and beauty will immediately transform any space. 

Perfect for layering the lighting in a room, a ceiling fixture not only banishes the dark, but it also casts a lovely, warm glow that pairs well with any table or floor lamps as well as other ceiling fixtures. 

A Tiffany ceiling fixture would look especially wonderful over a dining table, counter or desk for colour and interest. 

Pair the finish on your new Tiffany style ceiling fixture with the existing finishes in your space for a polished look. For example, if you have brass or black finishes already in your space, choose a fixture that has the same finish. At Netlighting we have a wide variety of Tiffany fixtures and finishes that range from light bronze to black and more. The colours of the fixtures themselves also come in a large variety with everything from cream and orange to purple and red. to choose from. You are sure to find the ideal fixture for your space here! 

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